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June at HASA

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  • JunoMagic
    At the beginning of June, we are very happy and grateful to welcome Agape4Gondor as a third Site Manager to the team of HASA admins. Have a look at the current
    Message 1 of 2 , Jun 5, 2005
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      At the beginning of June, we are very happy and grateful to welcome


      as a third Site Manager to the team of HASA admins.

      Have a look at the current list of admins here:


      June at HASA is going to be a lot of fun:

      Some of the highlights:

      Presenting the HASA Holiday Activity of the Month: The Lithe Challenge

      The hobbits celebrate midsummer during three days, First Lithe on June
      21, Midyear's Day on June 22 and Afterlithe on June 23. The challenge
      is to write a piece about midsummer in Middle-earth during those three
      days .There are no limitations to the length of the piece accepted.
      The challenge is already open as we do not wish to exclude anyone who
      may require more time, but please try to post during these three days

      And as an extra treat: insta-drabbling! A special midsummer
      Insta-drabbling session will be taking place on the 22nd. Come join

      Also, there are two challenges are closing in the coming week:

      Tuesday, June 7 - May 2005 Birthday Cards

      Friday, June 10 - Follow My Leader

      So hurry up and get those entries in!

      Please see the full bulletin for more details:

      Wishing you a wonderful June,

      HASA Admins
    • JunoMagic
      Discover HASA s Review Process Take a look at the new capsules and criteria for HASA s review process: Review Criteria
      Message 2 of 2 , Jun 18, 2006
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        Discover HASA's Review Process

        Take a look at the new capsules and criteria for HASA's review process:

        Review Criteria NEW!

        We would also like to invite you to join us in taking a look at the individual capsules and discuss the aspects of writing they describe. Today the discussion of second 'literary' capsule has started:

        Characters, original: believable, consistent, fitting
        Characters, original: unbelievable, inconsistent, jarring

        "Discover HASA's Review Process - Capsule #2" NEW!

        WIP: Readers' Club

        What's in store with the new Readers Club? Comments for all authors by all readers! Any RC member can leave a comment for any author - even inactive and non-member authors. Those will be private. And don't worry, current members will have expanded comment posting, too. Comments do require a login to prevent spamming and anonymous flames.

        HELP NEEDED: We are looking for adult Challenges volunteers!

        We need your help in our Challenges section, taming nuzgûl and flinging around oliphaunts!

        The duties of a challenge assistant include encouraging people to post prospective challenges, monitoring the prospective challenges, setting up and closing challenges. Since our present Challenges assistants are under 18, they can not set up or close 'adult' challenges so someone is needed to help with that job. Details can be supplied if you are interested, simply use the contact form (upper right-hand corner on every page and pick "Challenges Manager/Nuzgul Hutch").

        Summer Reading

        How about some summer reading? Take a look at the most recently posted and updated stories in the General and Beta sections! And don't forget to drop the author a line: leave a comment, post to their author forums or mail them. Every author enjoys feedback, and if a story is posted in the beta section, the author is actively looking for constructive criticism.

        New General Stories NEW!

        • "Many Guises and Many Names" by Gandalfs_apprentice:
          A collection of short pieces about Aragorn, the people who knew him, and the influences on his life. NEW: "Plain Hobbit Sense," in which Sam gives Boromir some advice; "Work Detail," in which the Queen gives her husband a task to perform. The stories appear in order as they would fall in Aragorn's lifetime, not in the order they were written.

        • "Linaewen's 2006 Birthday Presents" by various authors:
          Linaewen asked for: I would love to have something about Boromir -- yes, predictable, but I never tire of him! I like my Boromir living, doing something noble, being a good friend to Hobbits, having an adventure with Faramir, or gaining a better understanding of Aragorn. No slash, please!

          If you feel like giving birthday presents in the form of drabbles and ficlets to other HASA members, please visit our Birthday Cards Forum!

        • "The Course of Love" by Aranel Took: The sequel to The Roots of the Ivy. The story of Theo and Eomer Brandybuck and Faramir Took. Adult!

        New Beta Stories NEW!

        • "The Temptation of Hope" by Raksha:
          Thorongil gets an offer he can't refuse. Or can he? A late birthday present for Gwynnedd. Plot owes a debt of inspiration to a premise seen in Anglachel's HANDS OF THE KING.

        • "The Healing of Frodo" by Laurëfindo:
          Lindir meets several hobbits while he is composing a healing song. Will the song help Frodo recover from the injury he received at Weathertop?

        • "Winds of Change" by Lady Bluejay:
          In the eight days between Aragorn being crowned King and the Rohirrim departing from Minas Tirith, Éomer has to come to terms with, not only his new status, but also the realisation that his sister will be relocating to Gondor. If that wasn't enough, he has to deal with the discovery that he is becoming more and more attracted to a woman who is promised to another.

        Have a great week at HASA, discussing, researching, reading, writing and reviewing!

        HASA admin team

        To follow the links in this announcement, please log in at the Henneth Annûn Story Archive and read this announcement on the Welcome Page! Simply click on [More] in the announcements box at the top of the right sidebar.

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