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  • elanor_of_aquitania
    sent by Challenges Manager Riverotter June Bulletin And what is so rare as a day in June? A heartfelt thank you to Allie for all her hard work. She will be
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      sent by Challenges Manager Riverotter

      June Bulletin
      "And what is so rare as a day in June?"

      A heartfelt thank you to Allie for all her hard work. She will be
      taking a break this summer but looks forward to returning in the fall.

      Thank you to Narwen Almiriel, Nienna Narmolanya and Fergus for
      stepping in to help with challenges. The emails have been flying and
      the ideas as well.

      And for a special treat:
      the HASA Holiday Activity of the Month.
      The hobbits celebrate midsummer during three days, First Lithe on June
      21, Midyear's Day on June 22 and Afterlithe on June 23. The dates have
      been converted from the Middle-earth calendar to our modern calendar,
      taking into account that our year starts nine days earlier than the
      Shire year.
      There are no limitations to the length of the piece accepted. Anything
      you can manage to write is fine - be it drabble, haiku or cinquain,
      vignette, short story or novel! Please post during these three days.
      And as an extra treat: insta-drabbling. See the challenge for

      [Remember that all links are members' side: you must be logged in to
      HASA for them to work.]

      Birthdays! - "Now the heart is so full that a drop overfills it."
      All June babies, please put up your birthday drabble requests at the
      HASA Birthday Cards Forum! Here are a few requests to get your
      creative juices flowing. Gwynnyd wants
      Aragorn/Thorongil/Estel/Elessar in any way, shape, or form. SallyK
      loves Eowyn particularly after the destruction of the Ring. AmandaK's
      June will be dominated by music so she wants music especially in the
      LOTR. Linaewen asks for Boromir and, if you feel adventurous, a
      pre-Ring quest Boromir.

      Are you an June baby and don't see your name here? Want a special
      drabble on the topic of your choice for your birthday? If so, post
      your request at the Birthday Cards Forum:

      New Challenges: Four for the faithful Halflings

      Word of the Day [01 September 2005]
      Just give the "word of the day" in the title and write - prose or
      poetry, elves, dwarves or hobbits, drabbles or longer pieces...
      See the challenge for the link to the word of the day.

      The Steward and the King [25 December 2005]
      Pick any aspect of the relationship between Aragorn and Faramir and
      write about it. It could be personal, business, or whatever, but it
      has to center on the King and his Steward. Are they friends? Do they
      talk about Boromir? Do they play chess together?

      Movieverse Essays Challenge [31 December 2005]
      Pick a place where the books and movies differ. Write an essay
      comparing and contrasting the differences. Perhaps a line upsets you.
      Maybe the way your favorite character is portrayed. It could be a
      feeling about a scene.

      Captain of Gondor [01 March 2006]
      Aragorn as Thorongil is an interesting subject. There are lots of
      questions to ponder. Here are a few:
      What little tidbits of history did Thorongil learn when he was young
      that are lost to the historians of Gondor?
      Various maidens found the tall, dark, handsome, mysterious and above
      all eligible northern captain worth their while. How did Thorongil

      What was Thorongil like as a captain?
      Did Thorongil see Theoden grow from being a child to worthy heir?
      And my favorite: How did Finduilas react to this handsome
      See the challenge for more ideas.

      The Oldies - "Everything is upward striving."
      These are closing soon, so catch them now or regret it forever:

      The Sons of Elrond at the Field of Celebrant [03 June 2005]
      Write about some aspect of the Battle of the Field of Celebrant with
      the sons of Elrond joining the fight along with the Éothéod (the
      people who became the Rohirrim). This could be from the viewpoint of
      a fighter in the battle to Elladan and Elrohir talking to Eomer in
      Minas Tirith or even someone who heard about the battle.

      Follow My Leader [10 June 2005]
      Leaders are not always born into the role. Sometimes a leader arises
      from the needs of the people or unforeseen circumstances. Be
      inspired to write a story where a leader convinces people that he or
      she is indeed worthy of being followed.

      Your Favorite Poem [17 June 2005]
      Pick a poem and translate it into Middle-Earth. Perhaps a character
      recites the poem. The poem could be the springboard for a story.

      Quickies, Quarter 2, 2005[30 June 2005]
      "Are you short on time? If so, this challenge is for you: write a fic
      that is one continuous scene, no longer than three pages in your word
      processor. Some examples:
      Faramir Took plays with his father's cloak
      Eowyn learns to swim
      Pippin and his friends tug on Gandalf's robes at Bilbo's birthday
      For all the prompts, check out the web site above.

      Sweet Child of Mine [30 June 2005]
      Saruman had a breeding program. How do the mothers of the Uruk-hai
      feel toward their children?

      We sit in the warm shade and feel right well
      How the sap creeps up and the blossoms swell
      HASA Challenge Managers
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