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May at HASA

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  • JunoMagic
    Dear members, with this announcement I bring to you what is new and interesting in May at HASA. 1. News • LOTR wins the 2005 Nebula Awards for screenplay!
    Message 1 of 2 , May 1, 2005
      Dear members,

      with this announcement I bring to you what is new and interesting in
      May at HASA.

      1. News

      • LOTR wins the 2005 Nebula Awards for screenplay!

      The screenplay of "The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the
      by Fran Walsh & Philippa Boyens & Peter Jackson, based on the novel by
      J.R.R. Tolkien (New Line Cinema, Dec 2003) wins the 2005 Nebula Awards

      • the May Challenges Bulletin: Challenges aplenty! Have a look at
      Bulletin in the Challenges Section!

      2. Holidays of Middle-earth TODAY at HASA

      • Beta Reader Appreciation Day: May 15.
      Do you love your beta? Well, this is your chance to show your
      appreciation for them!
      Write your beta(s) a drabble, or a ficlet, and post it to the Beta
      Reader Appreciation Day! forum.

      • Remembrance Day: May 25
      This is a special day to commemorate all the battles of the First and
      Second Age. We already know a lot of the dates for the War of the
      Ring, but for the First and Second Age, dates are unknown.

      Watch for a special challenge to honor this day in the Challenges

      3. HASA needs you!

      We are still looking for volunteers!

      • Elanor of Aquitania who kindly volunteered as the new Site
      is still looking for a second to form a team of Site Managers! Due to
      real life circumstances she would also be willing to be the second in
      any team that might be formed for the Site Management.

      • sadly, our wonderful Aeneid is stepping down as Welcome Manager.
      Therefore we are also looking for a new Welcome Manager.

      If you feel that you might want to actively contribute to HASA, please
      contact our admins!

      Wishing you a wonderful May at HASA,

      HASA Admins
    • JunoMagic
      New stories are budding and blooming in the different sections of HASA: it s spring, stories spring! Why don t you go and pick some? Bookmark them, save them
      Message 2 of 2 , May 14, 2006
        New stories are budding and blooming in the different sections of
        HASA: it's spring, stories spring!

        Why don't you go and pick some? Bookmark them, save them in your
        reading room, or even print them out! There are many ways to preserve
        literary blossoms here at HASA.

        Have a look at the newest flowers in the General Stories section:

        * "The Kindness of a Corsair" by Beregond5:

        Legolas and Gimli are on their way to Minas Tirith when they come
        across trouble and the Dwarf goes missing. Now Legolas has to seek
        help from the most unlikely person imaginable, if he's to save his
        Dwarven companion. Action/ Angst/ Drama. Note: Dwarves are afraid of
        water in general, not of the sea only. Apologies for that minor canon
        bending, but it served my purpose. Adult.

        * "The Lesson" by Lady Aranel:

        AU: Gil Lasgalen is a visiting alumni at Professor Peter Davis'
        American University. On his first day, Peter leaves him in the care of
        his capable assistant only to find the teacher has become the student.
        (PG-13 to R in later Chapters)

        * "Lost Love of a Dúnadan" by Digdigil:

        Before Aragorn takes the Paths of the Dead, Halbarad and the Rangers
        of the North come to find him. Legolas is despairing yet Halbarad has
        hope. The two have a conversation about Halbarad's life and a special
        person in it.

        Don't forget that every author likes feedback! Use the "Comment"
        feature and share your thoughts, ideas and questions about the story
        you just read. Author and fellow readers alike will be grateful to
        you! You could also write a quick mail, or visit the author's story forum.

        If you are an author and you like feedback, remember to link your
        stories to a story forum, so that your readers will find a way to the
        place where they can discuss your stories at leisure.

        And now to the tender shoots in the Beta Stories section:

        * "When I Needed You" by Aewnaur:

        Series Title: Risen from the Ashes; When I Needed You is Book One ..
        complete! Falling for You is Book Two .. WIP (not yet posted) AU
        alert! Original Female Character falls into Middle-Earth! Tenth walker
        tale. Aragorn finds a girl in the woods, a girl not of his world.
        Legolas finds peace in an unlikely companion. Renee finds out where
        she really belongs. Warning! First chapter (non-graphic) sexual
        assault minor mentions thereafter. Adult.

        * "Night Phantoms" by Marta:

        Faramir helps Éowyn cope with a nightmare.

        * "Blood-feud" by Agape4Gondor:

        After the War of the Ring, as all celebrated, Legolas confronts Elrond.

        Do you need a beta reader?

        Have a look at the beta readers' list! At the moment there are 85 beta
        readers active at HASA. Look at their beta reader profiles and contact
        a beta reader that fits your story.

        Do you enjoy giving feedback and providing concrit?

        Become a beta reader at HASA!

        Beta reading is fun, and there are many resources at HASA that make
        beta reading easier: visit the Beta Reading Resources Workshop or the
        "Being a Beta Reader" discussion! And keep in mind: if everyone wants
        a beta reader, and no one is prepared to actually do some
        beta-reading, our system simply won't work!

        Beta Reader Appreciation Day

        On May 20 it's Beta Reader Appreciation Day here at HASA! Show your
        beta-readers how much they mean to you and your stories! Post a "thank
        you"- note or a "thank you "-drabble in the Beta Reader Appreciation
        Day forum.

        Or use the day to become a beta-reader yourself!

        Shameless Self Promotion

        If you want to do an SSP ("Shameless Self Promotion") for one of your
        stories - your current WIP or a story you are really proud of - visit
        the Story Trailer Forum and post your very own Story Trailer/SSP! Or
        leave a comment at the HASA LiveJournal Community
        ( http://community.livejournal.com/hasalj/13702.html )
        or in the "Discuss the Weekly Announcement Forum" that features your SSP!

        Have a wonderful May here at HASA!

        HASA admin team


        To follow the links in this announcement, please log in at the Henneth
        Annûn Story Archive ( http://www.henneth-annun.net/ ) and read this
        announcement on the Welcome Page! Simply click on [More] in the
        announcements box at the top of the right sidebar.
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