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May Challenges Bulletin

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  • Allie Meril
    The lusty month of May It s Spring: that time of year when a young man s thoughts turn to love … or other things (*wicked grin*)… [Remember that all
    Message 1 of 1 , May 1, 2005
      "The lusty month of May"

      "It's Spring: that time of year when a young man's thoughts turn to
      love"… or other things (*wicked grin*)…

      [Remember that all links are members' side: you must be logged in to
      HASA for them to work.]


      In May, we are celebrating two very special holidays:

      Beta Reader Appreciation Day: May 15
      Do you love your beta? Well, this is your chance to show your
      appreciation for them!

      Write your beta(s) a drabble, or a ficlet, and post it to the Beta
      Reader Appreciation Day! forum, located here:

      Remembrance Day: May 25
      This is a special day to commemorate all the battles of the First and
      Second Age. We already know a lot of the dates for the War of the
      Ring, but for the First and Second Age, dates are unknown.

      Watch for a special challenge to honor this day (I'll promote it in
      the Prospectives forum, and it'll have a forum of its own).

      Birthdays! - May is busting out all over.

      All May babies, please put up your birthday drabble requests at the
      HASA Birthday Cards Forum! A few requests have been put up so far:
      Paranoidangel wants Elrond and Sam, while RiverOtter has asked for
      meetings. Pippin's Lass is interested in hobbits, Faramir, or horses
      [can you combine all three?]. Aliana is curious about discoveries,
      while Dwimordene's mood is Kin- Strifish. Gronyats loves history, so
      a lore discussion between Elrond and Glorfindel would tickle her
      fancy. Starlight has requested gapfillers or mysteries or perhaps
      Arnor or even Éomer and Lothíriel or something inspired by the
      appendices [lots of choices there]. There are plenty of specific and
      broad requests here to inspire.

      Are you a May baby and don't see your name here? Want a special
      drabble on the topic of your choice for your birthday? If so, post
      your request at the Birthday Cards Forum:

      Special challenge for new members!

      New Members Challenge [04/21/06]
      By definition, a new member is any member who has been a member for
      fewer than four (4) months or who has written three (3) or fewer
      Tolkien fanfics. So pick from these: -----The experiences of a man,
      woman, or child of Laketown (either named by Tolkien, or original) as
      they try to escape Smaug.
      --After the Council of Elrond, seven members of the Fellowship of the
      Ring still had to be chosen. Write a scene between any of the numerous
      people in Rivendell at this time, about who should be chosen to go on
      the Quest.
      --Write about Maedhros' thoughts while he hangs from the cliffs of
      Thangorodrim, or Fingon's thoughts on finding him.
      --And there are six more to inspire your creative juices!

      New Challenges: A prolific month. So wade right in and pick from
      this abundance:
      Quickies 2nd Quarter [06/30/05]
      One of these might strike your fancy:
      --King Elessar asks Sam to give the Gondorians lessons in tree tending.
      --How does Aragorn feel as the first Gondorian king in a thousand years.
      --Ulmo sends word through Middle-Earth that the Ring-Bearer has sailed
      west, how does Goldberry react?
      --And there are many more to choose from besides these!

      Alternate Perspectives Challenge [07/17/05]
      Pick a scene Tolkien wrote and give us a different point of view.

      Many Generations of Men [08/19/05]
      A thought to the implications of living a very, very long time,
      compared to those around you who you might just get quite attached to
      - Aragorn will have several Stewards; Elrond watches Elros'
      descendants for hundreds of years; or even the difference in the life
      cycle of hobbits and humans…

      Put Down That Can(n)on, Mr. Tolkien! [10/06/05]
      Throw caution (and canon) to the wind, and put together those dream
      (or perhaps nightmare?) couples that have been floating about in your

      One Pint Too Many [10/17/05]
      Write a story where alcohol is involved, dealing with how the altered
      state of mind would make people interact differently. Humor is always
      a possibility.

      Urban Legends [10/31/05]
      It could be great fun to come up with all new urban legends, or to
      twist ours into an Middle-Earth appropriate story.

      When we have shuffled off this mortal coil [10/31/05]
      Death-fics: most of us have a love/hate relationship with them. No one
      really wants to read or write about the passing of one's favourite
      characters, but, in the end, the love we have for them leads us to
      this dark place.

      Death to Fanon! [01/07/06]
      This is a challenge for all brave souls out there: break the chains of
      your fanon conventions! And so this challenge is to not only avoid
      fanon, but go against it altogether!

      The Oldies - "When all the world is brimming with fun"
      These are closing soon, so catch them now or forever hold your peace:

      With One Voice [05/01/05]
      So write a story, set any time after Aragorn's coronation, about
      characters who are less than delighted by the return of the King. Tell
      us their reasons, what they do about them, and what happens to them.

      A Very Interesting Question [05/05/05]
      How many hundreds of years needs it to make a steward a king, if the
      king returns not? Write a story about a character's reaction to that
      question...or a drabble/poem, or whatever strikes your fancy.

      The Forgotten Ones [05/07/05]
      Show or explain what happened to a "forgotten" character from
      Tolkien's mythology - perhaps a parent briefly mentioned, a person
      whose fate is unknown, someone hinted at. The possibilities are

      Mother's Day [05/08/05/]
      The relationship between women is fascinating especially after they
      have children. Pick any two women or several and let's hear them
      discuss their children or perhaps recall growing up in a discussion
      between sisters-in-law.

      Pub Crawl [05/09/05]
      How about an evening in a Middle-Earth pub or tavern? Who's there?
      What's happening?

      Working Life in Middle-Earth [05/15/05]
      Many of us have jobs. Always, there are some aspects of our jobs that
      we love, and others that we hate. How would your job translate to a
      Middle-Earth setting?

      Original Characters [05/21/05]
      Stories in this challenge should focus on one of the following:
      A female OC in a non-romance, or a male OC in a romance, with a
      canonical character. Either slash or het is acceptable. Are you up for

      "Tons of wicked little thoughts merrily appear…"
      HASA Challenges

      (Allie's note: please forgive any mistakes. Exams are hanging over my
      head like an executioner's axe.)
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