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April Challenges Bulletin

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  • Allie Meril
    Blossoms and buds and April showers March drabblers, please post your drabbles to the HAWriters story. Remember that the password for posting for HAwriters
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2005
      "Blossoms and buds and April showers"
      March drabblers, please post your drabbles to the HAWriters story.
      Remember that the password for posting for HAwriters has changed.
      Contact the Challenges Managers if you need the password.

      The release of the long-anticipated Workshop is coming up in early
      April, and we tell you, it is going to change plenty of things about
      birthday drabbles, all for the better! Specifically, the way and where
      birthday drabbles are posted, how they are made public, and how
      challenges relate to the birthday drabbles. For this past month, we
      are going to stick to the old system and just post them to the
      HAWriters' story. But know that in the next month or so, we will shift
      to a new system.

      So keep an eye on the Workshop Q&A forum for a new thread from one of
      the CMs!

      But now, we have a few challenges to spring on you. So stop by and
      adopt one! From Faramir in the Houses of Healing, to a conversation
      you always wanted to hear, to a holy text adapted to middle Earth.
      You could ever have Saint Francis of Assisi meet Radagast the Brown
      and talk about the animals they have helped or befriended.

      [Remember that all links are members' side: you must be logged in to
      HASA for them to work.]

      All April babies, please put up your birthday drabble requests at the
      HASA Birthday Cards Forum! Ainae has already asked for something about
      Legolas. Naisra will be 23, so how about a drabble involving the
      number 23? Lady Ninde wants something about her favorite boys Elrond,
      Haldir, Boromir and Éomer: all four or in any combination. Shadow975
      craves something about the Brothers `Mir, Denethor, and Thorongil (in
      various combinations). Fliewatuet favors Aragorn, perhaps with
      Denethor [for tension] or Halbarad [for friendship].

      Are you an April baby and don't see your name here? Want a special
      drabble on the topic of your choice for your birthday? If so, post
      your request at the Birthday Cards Forum:

      New Challenges: "Three for the Elven Kings under the sky…"
      Oily!Unconscious!Faramir! [Closes 3/15/06]

      What was Faramir thinking in the Houses of Healing? Perhaps there are
      others pondering his fate: Aragorn, Imrahil or the healers themselves.

      Tales Unheard [Closes 11/28/05]

      There are lots of conversations in Tolkien but what about characters
      that rarely or never interact? Think of situations that been
      neglected as well as those hinted at. So be the fly on the wall and
      tell us what you heard.

      Religion in Middle-earth [Closes 12/25/2005]

      Find an idea from a holy text in our modern world and move it into
      Middle-earth. Take something out of the religion of our current world,
      and tie it to Middle-earth.

      The Oldies
      These are closing soon, so catch them now or forever hold your peace:

      Hobbit Filk Challenge [Closes 4/30/2005]

      Since March holds the birthday of Elanor the Fair in 1421 in the Shire
      Reckoning, let's celebrate hobbits! Pick your favorite song and change
      it to honor the Halfings. Perhaps the brave Ringbearer or his faithful
      companion, Bilbo's 111th birthday, the birth of Elanor the Fair, a
      Shire party, or whatever strikes your fancy.

      New Members Challenge [Closes 4/21/2005]

      This one closes soon! We have nine short prompts up for grabs from The
      Hobbit, LOTR, and the Silmarillion, and only new members can write
      them! So tell us: How did Lobelia Sackville-Baggins feel at the
      auction of Bag End? What was running through Aragorn's mind when the
      Eagles showed up at the Battle before the Black Gates? And Celeborn's
      feelings when he met the lady of his dreams, Galadriel?

      Wishing you a shower of ideas!
      HASA Challenges
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