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  • Arandil Yáviëre
    NOTE: Please be sure you are logged in when clicking on the links. BIRTHDAY DRABBLES The following members have birthday this month. If you re in the drabbling
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 1, 2008
      NOTE: Please be sure you are logged in when clicking on the links.
      The following members have birthday this month. If you're in the
      drabbling mood, why not write them 100 words as a birthday card?

      RS (April, 4th) requested: my favorite character is Aragorn. I would
      love to see a relaxed and fun Aragorn...or Aragorn on vacation! Or
      maybe Aragorn and Arwen in an argument (there's no such thing as a
      perfect couple!).

      Ainaechoiriel (April, 7th) requested: ...in light of our now-started
      adoption process of a little girl from Russia[...], I request
      adoption stories. Please, not all Aragorn and Frodo[...] Anyway,
      orphans that needed care. And there were likely adults who chose to
      take them in. Let's meet some of them and find what's in their
      hearts. Interracial or intercultural is a plus.

      Larner (April, 13) requested: Following a perceived insult of some
      kind, Frodo has determined to play a prank on his friend Aragorn. It
      can be anywhere along the road [...] One of the others may try to
      warn Aragorn of his peril, and that he's in danger of retaliation by
      a master of retaliatory pranks.

      If you have a birthday in April and would like a drabble about your
      favorite character or topic, you can request it at http://www.henneth-


      This week's focus:
      One of the best ways to get involved at HASA is through our forums.
      People are discussing research questions and stories as well as
      having fannish squees regularly there.

      Some useful forum links:

      "On Our Minds" displays the ten most recent posts in forums open to
      all HASA members. It's a good way to catch up on what you've missed,
      though the page can move quickly when lots of forums are active at

      If you've been out of touch for longer than a few days you might want
      to use the "One Month of Posts" page. This page has just what it
      sounds like: a list of forums that have been posted to in the last
      month, beginning with the most recently updated.

      Workshops are specialized writing communities. They allow you to
      share stories you aren't ready to post to the whole site, and many
      have interesting forums attached to them. Explore workshops to find a
      group of members interested in similar topics. (You must be logged in
      to see this link.

      Here's hoping this week finds you having many interesting discussion
      about all things Tolkien. Because, really, you were trying to cut
      back on sleep anyway, right?

      Hugs and Cookies,

      PS: Do you have something in particular you would like included in
      next week's announcement? If so, please email HASANews[at]henneth-
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