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Announcement: Story Updates & Mid Month Nuzgul

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  • Arandil Yáviëre
    NOTE: Please be sure you are logged in when clicking on the links. MARCH IS /TALE OF YEARS/ MONTH Resource volunteers are pleased to announce that March is
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      NOTE: Please be sure you are logged in when clicking on the links.

      Resource volunteers are pleased to announce that March is /Tale of
      Years/ month! Each day, many of the events that occurred on that day
      in the /Tale of Years/ will be featured on the HASA Welcome Page. Be
      sure to stop by and see what events from the Research Library are
      highlighted each day!


      The following members have a birthday this month. If you're in the
      drabbling mood, why not write them 100 words as a birthday card?

      Elena Tiriel (March, 14) requested, "I'd love a drabble about any
      character, event, place, or object from Tolkien's world that
      especially fascinates you... the (Middle-earth) sky's the limit!"

      Vistula the Dunadan (March, 20) requested, " ...having spent the past
      nine months settling into a new - long anticipated - home, I'd love a
      drabble centered around a new home, or new place to live. And if you
      could slip my dear Samwise in it somehow, that'd be even sweeter."

      Obsidianj (March, 24) requested, " I would like a drabble about
      either Aragorn or Boromir and if it would be possible to have both in
      one drabble that would make my day."

      The following drabbles have been written in the past week:

      The King's Colors by Dwimordene for Obsidianj @ http://www.henneth-

      Home Is Where The Heart Is by Larner for Jay (and Mothers everwhere)
      @ http://www.henneth-annun.net/forums/messages.cfm?

      If you have a birthday in March and would like a drabble about your
      favorite character or topic, you can request it at


      This week's focus:
      All of us writers love feedback. It is the lembas and miruvor that
      sustains us as we write our story, and leaving a few words about a
      story is always a nice thing to do, whether the story is new or old.

      Every fifteen minutes HASA hilights a story chosen at random from the
      Reviewed and General stories in the archive. The current story is:

      Essecarmë by Dawn Felagund @ http://www.henneth-
      Curufin, the fifth son of Fëanor, is said to have been his favorite.
      Why did Maedhros get passed over for this honor? This story looks at
      Eldarin naming traditions and the family dramas they create.

      Why not go to http://www.henneth-annun.net/ and check out the
      currently featured story?

      Many talented writers are publishing every day. Check out these
      stories just added to HASA:

      Reviewed Stories --- http://www.henneth-

      Upon the Pebbled Shore by Peregrin Ionad --- http://www.henneth-
      Upon the pebbled shores of the sea stand two brothers, but as the
      tide begins to turn the sound of the gulls will choose their futures.
      This is for my brother, who didn't get the ending he wanted.

      Pierced by Nieriel Raina --- http://www.henneth-
      Elrond receives a most grievous wound shortly after Celebrían's
      departure from Middle-earth.


      General Stories --- http://www.henneth-

      The Adventures of Scaldo and Dwarf by Kitt Otter ---
      Scaldo Chubb is a hobbit who wants nothing more than to eat for the
      rest of his days, until one horrible day when a rude traveler of no
      name drags him off into the unknown. At the mercy of an insane dwarf,
      Scaldo must face unseen enemies, hungry water, and even uncooked

      A Cat In King Elessar's Court by Agape4Gondor --- http://www.henneth-
      A royal descendant of Berúthiel's cats spends time with us,
      reminiscing about life in Minas Tirith once a certain Hobbit arrives.


      Beta Stories --- http://www.henneth-annun.net/stories/story_beta.cfm
      (Please note, you need to be logged in to view these stories.)

      The Romantic and the Balrog by Lady Donalwen --- http://www.henneth-
      Based loosely on the fairy tale of Beauty and the Beast, it tells the
      story of a bookish woman and the scary Balrog that lived in the
      nearby castle.

      Leönalta by fremmet --- http://www.henneth-
      A sad tale of how Legolas and Elladan became bonded mates.


      And now for your mid-month nuzgul. Because the only way to get
      stories to read is for someone to write them, and that requires our
      fangy little friends.

      Modern girl goes to Middle-earth... --- http://www.henneth-
      ...and takes up with Sauron! What would be the consequences of
      introducing gunpowder, artillery, modern military tactics, etc. - all
      on the side of evil? Points for introspection - don't just make her
      an ostracised [expletive] who wants revenge on the pretty people who
      ignore her, give her a valid reason for joining the dark side. Double
      points for tackling and/or overcoming the language barrier (contrary
      to popular belief, English was NOT spoken in ME!).

      If you don't feel the tickle of little fangs in your ankle yet, there
      are many more potential stories just waiting to be written. Read all
      of HASA's many story prompts in our Nuzgul hutch @ http://www.henneth-

      Do you have a suggestion you'd like to see added to the hutch? Submit
      it using the "Submit a Story Suggestion" form at http://www.henneth-

      Hugs and Cookies,

      PS: Do you have something in particular you would like included in
      next week's announcement? If so, please email HASANews[at]henneth-
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