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HASA Announcement for August 26-September 2

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  • Marta
    No one with a birthday this week has requested a birthday drabble. If you have a birthday and would like HASA members to write you a birthday drabble, request
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      No one with a birthday this week has requested a birthday drabble. If
      you have a birthday and would like HASA members to write you a birthday
      drabble, request one at



      Also: there are currently several stories submitted to the HASA review
      process that are waiting for someone to vote to approve or reject them.
      If you have been a member of HASA for thirty days, then you're eligible
      to review. Why not review one today? You can find HASA Reviews at


      (you need to be logged in)


      This week's focus: FORUMS

      One of the best ways to get involved at HASA is through our forums.
      People are discussing research questions and stories as well as having
      fannish squees regularly there.

      HASA forums are about to get even better. Right now, forums are only
      available when you're logged in. However, starting next Sunday you will
      be able to see many forums whether you are logged in or not. Click on
      "Sections" and then select "Forums" and you will see the ten most recent
      posts to these forums. Use the links on the left side of the page to
      reach older posts in these forums.

      If you log in, you'll see a link letting you reply. Otherwise you will
      be able to see discussions other members have had. Enjoy the interesting
      little tidbits and links shared by HASA members, and share them with
      your friends.

      This change will go into affect next Sunday. Until then, logged-in
      members will be able to find forums at their current location, from the
      "Sections" menu under "Writers Workshop Links".

      Here are some useful forum links (you must be logged in for all of these):

      "On Our Minds" displays the ten most recent posts in forums open to all
      HASA members. It's a good way to catch up on what you've missed, though
      the page can move quickly when lots of forums are active at once.

      If you've been out of touch for longer than a few days you might want to
      use the "One Month of Posts" page. This page has just what it sounds
      like: a list of forums that have been posted to in the last month,
      beginning with the most recently updated.

      Workshops are specialized writing communities. They allow you to share
      stories you aren't ready to post to the whole site, and many have
      interesting forums attached to them. Explore workshops to find a group
      of members interested in similar topics.

      Now, here are some of the most recently-updated threads in HASA forum.
      Don't be shy. If any interest you, why not jump in?

      HASA Birthday Card Forum ---
      Subject: August 2007 Birthdays

      Hands of the King ---
      Subject: Ch. 72: Due

      Bug Fixes and Code Updates ---
      Subject: Update: Server Patches, Restart


      Here's hoping this week finds you having many interesting discussion
      about all things Tolkien. Because, really, you were trying to cut back
      on sleep anyway, right?

      Until next time,

      PS- Do you have something in particular you would like included in next
      week's announcement? If so, please email HASANews@....
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