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  • JunoMagic
    Have you commented on a story lately? There is nothing an author likes more than to get a comment on her story
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 27, 2006
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      Have you commented on a story lately?

      There is nothing an author likes more than to get a comment on her story.HASA lets you post public comments, or send a private note to anauthor. Posting comments is a great way to bring attention to yourfavorite stories because you can tell people just how much you like it,encouraging curious readers to click.

      Post a comment today and put a smile on your favorite author's face!

      More good deeds?

      How about visiting the Beta Stories section?Authors who post their stories in the Beta Stories section are waitingfor thoughtful and constructive criticism that helps them improve theirstories. All of us need concrit. But if none of us are willing toprovide it, the Beta Stories section simply won't work. Helpful toolsfor the beta-process are provided in the "Beta Reading Resources" workshop.

      Reada beta story today, and send the author a comment that helps her polishher work! For beta-comments you can use the HASA comment feature tosend private comments to the author or use the HASA mail service toe-mail the author off-list.

      Membership Developement

      The Readers Club and other new features make HASA more attractive.

      TheReaders Club is a new level to the HASA experience that providesreaders with new tools and extended support. Members of the ReadersClub enjoy:

      • More stories: the Readers Club providesto all of the 1,669 stories in HASA's General Stories section - besidesthe reviewed stories and the published Challenges in the Public Archive.
      • Comments: memberof the Readers Club can not only read posted comments, but they canpost comments of their own - to the author and for the public to read.
      • Fav lists:the Readers Club allows its members to create lists of their favoriteauthors and stories, thus enabling them to create a virtual libraryavailable from any computer on the internet.
      • Alerts: membersof the Readers Club never miss an update! They simply sign up foralerts about stories or authors they are interested in - and arenotified whenever their favourite author updates a story or publishes anew one.
      • Recommendations: members of the Readers Club can recommend stories they enjoyed to other readers.
      • Customized "My Stuff"-Page: the Readers Club enables its members to create their very own HASA experience with easy-to-use customization tools.

      Sincethe Readers Club was launched at the beginning of August, many newmembers have joined HASA, both the Readers Club and the WritersWorkshop. And many old members have reactivated their memberships.

      Hooray, HASA!

      We'revery proud of the success of the new Site Features, and very gratefulto those who make all of this possible: especially our dedicated TechSupport, Anglachel, whose magical coding skills bring HASA to yourscreen, and the team of enthusiastic Volunteers who keep the siterunning.

      We would also like to thank all of you, readers and members, who have been so patient during this period of adjustment and construction.

      Wehope all of you enjoy your time at HASA. And if you have any questionsor comments, please feel free to contact the Site Managers of HASA anytime. They are always happy to help our members! Simply click on"contact" at upper right-hand corner of every page and fill in thecontact form: Contact HASA!

      Writely: an Online Word Processor

      Noteveryone can or wants to install Word on their computers. For a longtime, alternative word processor programs have either been too basic,too expensive, too unstable, not available for all platforms, hobbledby crappy performance, or else not Word-compatible.

      HASA authorsneed to know about a free, stable, Web-based word processor that cancreate HTML, RTF, PDF, Open Office and Word-compatible documents. It iscalled Writely, is owned by Google, and is located here: http://www.writely.com/

      Ittakes a little practice to get used to (some of the managementprocedures are not intuitive), but overall it is a great word processorthat goes beyond just the basics. What will probably be of greatinterest to HASA writers is that you can share documents between users.Just the thing for those collaborative writing projects!

      So, HASAstrongly urges its members who need portable word processingcapabilities to check out the site. Everything is free so far. It doeslook like they will be adding for-fee features at some point, but thebasic tool set is more than enough for most writing needs.

      Tech Support Update: Site Instability

      Sincethe new code switch over, HASA has been suffering from intermittentinstability, where the ColdFusion server refuses to serve up pages.

      Ihave been trying to track down the root of the issue. There are noerror messages to be seen, no traces in the log files, no identifiabletriggering event. It does appear that some operation may be claimingpieces of memory and not releasing them. Over time, this chokes offmemory resources, and the server cannot run.

      I am running testsand trying to locate the source of the memory leak. This is a slowprocess and may take a few more weeks of work. HASA is a hobby, and Ican only give a few hours a week to it. I appreciate your patiencewhile I get the problem sorted out.

      - Anglachel, Tech Support

      Holidays and Anniversaries of Middle-earth TODAY

      Accuratelyconverted to our modern-day calendar, we celebrate the holidays andanniversaries of Middle-earth today at HASA. In September you canhonour the following occasions with a HASA Challenge or a festivedrabble:

      September 2nd – death of J.R.R. Tolkien (1973)

      September 10th – J.R.R. Tolkien begins writing "The Hobbit"

      September 13th – Birthday of Frodo (2968 of the Third Age) and Bilbo (2890 of the
      Third Age); Cormarë or Ringday in memory of the Ringbearers

      September 20th – The Ringbearers sailed away from the Grey Havens; end of the third age (3021 of the Third Age)

      September 21st – Yáviérë (Harvest Feast Day)

      September 25th – Attack on Isildur (2 of the Third Age)

      Have a good week at HASA, reading, writing and commenting!

      HASA admin team

      It's easy to stay up-to-date with HASA!  Visit the HASA homepage to read the general news, or log in at the HASA News page to be able to read the news items for members of the Readers Club and the Writers Workshop. Get an RSS feed for the HASA news articles and nevermiss an announcement! Visit the HASA lj-community at hasalj or sign up at the HASA News Yahoo Group.  See? It's easy to stay up-to-date with HASA - and how you do it, is completely your choice!
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