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A Busy Month!

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  • JunoMagic
    - Site Management - We ve had a busy month here at HASA – folks are joining or renewing their membership at a nice pace. Which means they are also asking
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2006
      - Site Management -

      We've had a busy month here at HASA – folks are joining or renewing
      their membership at a nice pace. Which means they are also asking
      questions. It's been a treat and a blessing – being able to help
      people enjoy the HASA site.

      Some of the problems encountered were with adding a new story. There
      are tutorials all over the site that can help our members with most
      challenges. Every so often, I will go to a page I haven't visited for
      awhile and click on the tutorial. I am always amazed at how much
      information is on this site, how many fun things there are to do, how
      much fun it is going from page to page, or - really having fun by
      reading, reading, reading. The authors on this site are incredible.
      The researchers are awesome. And the volunteers are beyond belief.

      Please keep your requests for help coming – as the Site Manager staff
      is fairly new still – we learn so much just by answering your
      questions. Also – if you have any comments or suggestions for our
      site, they are always most welcome. Feel free to leave a comment here
      or in the "Discuss the Weekly Announcement"-forum!

      - The New Review Capsules & Criteria -

      At the beginning of October 2005 HASA's volunteers started discussing
      if it is time to review the review capsules. On March 4 the memberside
      discussion of the present system and capsules was opened. From April 1
      through April 16 members could vote in two polls ("Reviewing Capsule
      Comments 1" and "Reviewing Capsule Comments 2") on how the reviews
      system should be constructed and if and how the review capsules should
      be changed.

      The results of the poll were clear: the present reviews system should
      remain the way it is, but the review capsules should be more specific,
      and there should be a wider selection of capsules.

      After the results of the polls were in, the capsule revision committee
      was formed. Two volunteers and three members started revising the
      capsules on May 1 in a HASA workshop called "Capsule Revision
      Committee". Although set up as a private workshop, every HASA member
      could get reading access to follow the discussions at any time. The
      committee used the present capsules as a starting point and
      incorporated suggestions and concerns voiced in the memberside
      discussion as far as possible.

      Thanks to the hard work of the Committee, the revision of capsules and
      criteria is finished. The coding is in process and should be live in a
      few weeks.

      There will be more capsules, and more specific capsules. Organized in
      literary, genre and general capsules, there will be 14 capsules to
      approve a story and 17 to decline a story, with the additional three
      options to decline a story titled with "Please consider revising". You
      can take a look at a preview of capsules and criteria here:

      * The New Review Criteria - June 2006

      If you have any questions about the new capsules or the criteria,
      please join the discussion:

      * The New Review Capsules & Criteria - Preview

      - Holidays and Anniversaries of Middle-earth today at HASA -

      The holidays and anniversaries of Middle-earth (converted to our
      modern calendar) invite you to remember the history of Middle-earth
      and to celebrate special occasions in June! Maybe with a drabble, a
      new story or a Challenge?

      * June 10 – Begin of the War of the Rings (attack on Osgiliath) (3018
      of the Third Age)

      * June 15 – the sapling of the White Tree is found (3019 of the Third Age)

      * June 21 – 1st Lithe; Midummer's eve 2980: Aragorn and Arwen plight
      their troth in Lorien.

      Have a great week here at HASA, and "may the blessings of elves and
      men and all free folk go with you" wherever you go!

      HASA admin team


      To follow the links in this announcement, please log in at the Henneth
      Annûn Story Archive ( http://www.henneth-annun.net/ ) and read the
      announcement on the Welcome Page!
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