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Much appreciated!

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  • JunoMagic
    On May 20 was Beta Reader Appreciation Day here at HASA. We would like to say thank you to all our members who volunteer as beta-readers: Your patience, your
    Message 1 of 1 , May 21, 2006
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      On May 20 was Beta Reader Appreciation Day here at HASA.

      We would like to say "thank you" to all our members who volunteer as

      Your patience, your knowledge of canon, your keen eyes for awkward
      phrases and typos are a wonderful and important contribution to our

      Thank you very much!

      If you did not have the time to thank your beta-reader for their help
      on May 20, how about doing that today? The Beta Reader Appreciation
      Day forum is open all year round, not only on the annual Beta Reader
      Appreciation Day!

      HASA is more than a place where you can post stories. HASA offers many
      resources that make writing Tolkien fan fiction easier and more fun.

      * if you need a beta-reader, there's the beta readers list and the
      "beta-readers: try before you buy"-forum
      * if you need information, there's the HASA Resources section with
      resources from timelines and biographies to research articles and
      essays - a veritable encyclopedia!
      * if you need information that cannot be found at HASA, there's
      the url library with helpful links (and if you have a favourite
      research link, feel free to add it any time!)
      * if you want to get together with other members who are
      interested in a special area, visit the Workshop section - there are
      workshops available for all the major races of Middle-earth! And don't
      be shy about joining workshops or jumping into discussions. As a
      matter of fact the Workshops are always looking for more volunteers.
      Feel free to contact the Workshop admin, Gwynnyd, any time if you
      would like to get involved!

      Workshop & Playlists Challenge!

      The Site Workshops for the various peoples of Middle-earth are in need
      of comprehensive Playlists.

      So here's a Challenge for you:

      * Compile a Playlist of stories that feature your favourite race.
      * Then join the relevant Site Workshop and add your Playlist to
      the workshop.

      Help us to show how our members bring the diverse cultures of
      Middle-earth to life in their stories.

      Read any good Elf, Hobbit or Dwarf story lately? Don't hesitate, make
      a playlist!


      HASA is an international community and we are proud of that.

      If there's interest, we would like to establish a special Workshop for
      our ESL ("English as a Second Language") members, with special
      resources and forums.

      If you are interested in a workshop like that or if you would like to
      volunteer for helping us run a workshop like that, please comment in
      the "weekly announcement" forum.

      HASA admin team


      To follow the links in this announcement, please log in at the Henneth
      Ann�n Story Archive and read the announcement on the Welcome Page.
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