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March Challenges Bulletin

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  • Allie Meril
    Beware the Ides of March. Yes, and beware Challenges as well, preciouses… We have had a stellar crop of challenges spawned this past month, and hope very
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 28, 2005
      "Beware the Ides of March."

      Yes, and beware Challenges as well, preciouses…

      We have had a stellar crop of challenges spawned this past month,
      and hope very much that you'll stop by and adopt one! From poetry to
      Glorfindel, from dancing to OCs, these newest challenges will
      (hopefully) get you inspired and writing. And though we are entering
      the month with a herd of lion-like nuzgûl, hopefully we'll depart
      from March with many adopted, defanged, and with lamb-like

      And, brought to you by your intrepid Challenge Managers, we are
      unveiling a special challenge running through March only! From the
      wonderful nuzgûl-producing mind of Marta, we bring you…

      Earth. Wind. Fire. Water. Shadow. Besides being the call to invoke
      Captain Planet (well, almost...) and the subjects of Cara Loup's
      vignette series, they are the five elements of classical Greek

      They are the heart of Middle-earth and impacted everything in it. So
      write a drabble revolving around each of them; any subject, any age,
      any genre. The drabbles may form a series on a common theme, or they
      can be about topics as varied as your imagination can dream up.

      Have at it! Challenge runs through all of March.

      [Remember that all links are members' side: you must be logged in to
      HASA for them to work.]

      All March babies, please put up your birthday drabble requests at
      the HASA Birthday Cards Forum! There are even some prompts already
      up there: Khazar-Khum has asked for some bad guys in action, Erin
      wants some Teleri, Vistula is craving drabbles with Samwise and YOUR
      favorite character, and Allie wants Fëanor and Nerdanel/Houses of
      Healing/Galadriel and Celeborn (the indecisive girl!).

      Are you a March baby and don't see your name here? Want a special
      drabble on the topic of your choice for your birthday? If so, post
      your request at the b-day forum:

      February drabblers, please post your drabbles to the HAWriters
      story. Remember that the password for posting for HAwriters has
      changed. Contact the Challenges Managers if you need the password.

      ~Glorfindel's Fate [07/09/05]
      So simple: What happened to Glorfindel after the War of the Ring?
      You decide his fate, and write it in any form you choose.

      ~Your Favorite Poem! [6/17/05]
      How can you fit your favorite poem into Middle-earth? Could it have
      been written by a character? Does it just inspire you to write
      something? Tell us in this challenge!

      ~Original Characters Challenge [5/21/05]
      Brought to you by Marta, this one isn't for your run-of-the-mill
      OCs… A non-romance OFC, or a romantic OMC… Are you up for it?

      ~Shall They Dance? [9/30/05]
      Malva Headstrong sprung this one upon the Prospectives forum.
      Anywhere, anytime, anyone, just so long as it involves dancing! A
      merry hobbit jig, a solemn Gondorian court dance, a celebrate-the-
      stars elvish dance: it is all up to you.

      These are closing soon, so catch them now or forever hold your peace:

      ~I'm a Believer! [03/09/05]
      How do the cultures of Middle-earth celebrate their faiths?

      It doesn't even have to be an organized religion: just anyone,
      anywhere celebrating (or denouncing) their faith and/or god(s).

      ~Thranduil's Letter Challenge [03/10/05]
      Write a story based on the opening scene below:

      Thranduil looked up from the documents he was studying as there was
      a knock on the door and a messenger entered.
      "A letter, my Lord. The courier said it was most urgent."
      Curiously, for the seal was unfamiliar, Thranduil opened the message
      and read it swiftly. Then he read it again, more slowly, and looked
      at the messenger in silence for a moment before responding.

      What do you think? Who is the letter from? What does it say?

      ~Son of Ecthelion [03/15/05]
      Denethor, son of Ecthelion, 26th Steward of Gondor, and a man in
      desperate need of a PR firm. He's been written as grim, as dark, as
      depressed, and hard as flint.

      Time to shake things up. Brought to you by volunteers from the SKGD
      (Society for a Kinder, Gentler Denethor), your task is to consider
      the following "landmarks" in Denethor's life-landmarks that often
      tilt us towards a darker reading and writing of him-and to use them
      to construct a less grim Denethor. And all while sticking close to
      those canonical passages, of course!

      Interested? Go to that challenge and get writing!

      ~Quickies, First Quarter [03/31/05]
      Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to pick one of
      the prompts, and write a story (3 pages or less) on it. Here are a
      few of them:

      The Guards of the Citadel have never tended a living White Tree
      before, so the King asks Sam to give them a few gardening lessons.

      Before they part, Galadriel gives Arwen a gift -- something that
      Celebrían had meant to give her daughter when she married.

      Oromë goes hunting.

      The thoughts of one of the hobbit archers who defended Fornost
      against the Witch-king, or of one of the wives they left behind.

      Suggest new prompts for quickies here!

      ~The Film Trilogy Challenge [03/31/05]
      The movie has of course made changes to the books. Some changes we
      accept, others we feel fall short of expectations, and some outright
      violate our expectations in a way we feel is barely acceptable, if

      Pick a scene from any of the three movies that particularly bothers
      you, either due to continuity, or due to issues of characterization.
      Then, while remaining within the movie verse, attempt to explain or
      fill the gap in a way that would enhance the movie for you as a
      lover of the books.

      If this is a persistent characterization problem, try to pick the
      moment that you feel is defining of the wrongness of the
      characterization and work with it.

      ~New Members' Challenge 2004-2005 [4/21/05]
      Since there have been so many new members, we thought this one could
      do with a bit of promotion. We have nine short prompts up for grabs
      from The Hobbit, LOTR, and the Silmarillion, and only new members
      can write them! So tell us: how did Beorn see the battle of the Five
      Armies? When did Éowyn receive her first horse? And how in the world
      did Isildur get away with stealing the fruit of Nimloth?

      In a fit of industriousness, Allie cleaned out Prospective
      Challenges and added a whopping 12 new nuzgûl to the hutch! From
      Eressëa to Moria, from Eärendil to the Istari, these new ones focus
      on quite a range of subjects. Here is a sampler:

      The business of the gods cannot only be in the heavens.

      ~Istari: The Early Years
      Before Saruman turned traitor, before Gandalf was The White, the
      Istari lived in Valinor. What were they like then?

      ~Balin's Company in Moria
      "We cannot get out… They are coming."

      Wishing you a month of blossoms and buds!
      HASA Challenges
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