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  • JunoMagic
    ...the new Challenges Bulletin? The Challenges section is getting ready for spring! Already the first nuzgûl are waking from their hibernation. Don the
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 5, 2006
      ...the new Challenges Bulletin?

      The Challenges section is getting ready for spring!

      Already the first nuzgûl are waking from their hibernation. Don the
      mithril armour provided by our gallant Challenges mistress,
      Riverotter, and take a look around.

      Maybe you'll find a new pet in the nuzgûl hutch or in the oliphaunt pen!

      And don't forget to take a look at the open Challenges!

      Oily! Unconscious! Faramir! is closing soon!

      You only have time to play with the handsome steward-to-be and a pot
      of oil until March 15, so better get going!

      But there are also a few new Challenges that are well worth a look (or

      * The New Members Challenge: if you are new at HASA and you can't
      wait to get started, this is for you! Don't be afraid, don't hesitate
      - jump in and join the fun!

      * Silmarils are an Elf's Best Friend: the canonical jewels
      Challenge. Ever wonder what Aragorn did with the green jewel
      Glorfindel left for him at the bridge over the Mitheithel? Here's your
      chance to find out! No AU, please.

      * The Art Challenge: Do you sometimes see a painting and think
      "This is SO Middle-earth?" A portrait that reminds you of Nerdanel? A
      battle scene that simply *has* to be the last fight on the plains of
      Dagorlad? Here's the Challenge for that feeling.

      * Beauty Lies in the Eye of the Beholder: how we perceive beauty
      is dependent on many things, our culture, the time we live in,
      personal preferences. What a dwarf may see as beautiful, an elf may
      think ugly, man and orc will have different concepts of beauty as
      well. So what is beauty?

      And in Prospective Challenges a number of bunnies are waiting for you
      to turn them into full-fledged nuzgûl. Visit Prospective Challenges
      and help make a Challenge to entice both authors and readers at HASA!

      For example:

      * "Fantasy of Manners" - Austen meets Tolkien and Faramir has a
      witty discussion about the customs of the various circles of Minas
      Tirith's society with Éowyn? This would be about stories in which
      relationships within society & class boundaries and witty, skewering
      conversation are key, rather than angst and action. Interested? Then
      make it happen!

      * "Realizations" is still waiting for takers: jump in and bring
      the first HASA tig/round robin to life! Participants will move from
      character to character in creative circle.

      * "Make your LaCE" - LaCE, the essay "Laws and coustoms of the
      Eldar", is greatly debated amoung the Elf-writers on the list. Is it
      cannon? Is it all true? Is it a lie told by a Man as a lesson to other
      Men? Is it a joke told by a Noldor to confuse Men and Moriquendi? Show
      your answer in a story.

      Visit Prospective Challenges today!


      We would also like to invite you to join the discussion about the
      revision of the reviews capsules.

      Please have a look at both discussion threads:

      * Revising Capsule Comments

      * Revising Capsule Comments - continued

      Please take the time to read the long discussion in the first thread
      and then post your opinion, your questions and your suggestions in the
      second thread.

      The reviews system of HASA is unique among the moderated archives of
      Tolkien fandom. Readers outside HASA appreciate it immensely. It is
      also challenging for both authors and reviewers inside HASA.

      We want to improve this system and make it easier and more enjoyable
      for all participants.

      For that we need your help:

      your opinion, your questions and your suggestions.

      Please join the discussion, and if you prefer a private mail, use the
      "contact form" and write to the Site Managers personally.

      Have a good week at HASA!

      HASA admin team


      Please log in at HASA (http://www.henneth-annun.net/), click on [More]
      in the announcements' box in the right sidebar on the Welcome Page,
      and follow the links in this announcement inside HASA!
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