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49Code of Conduct Revisions

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  • Anglachel Gurthang
    Aug 7, 2005
      This message is specifically for HASA members.

      HASA's Code of Conduct is due for updating and revision. We would like
      discussion and opinions of members to craft a revision. Over the next
      few months we plan to address proposed revisions the code, one section
      at a time.

      The first change we'd like to introduce is an alternative to the
      grievance procedure. We are dedicated to keeping HASA a friendly,
      enjoyable, and courteous place, and would like to be able to warn and
      discipline the occasional transgressors without a full scale grievance
      procedure, which can be extremely time consuming and stressful. We
      would like to propose a new mechanism, which some admins familiar with
      baseball refer to as "3 strikes and you're out." This would involve
      both private and public warnings to members who behave discourteously
      in public forums, or through site emails. Spirited discussion and
      strong opinions are inspiring, but nasty and snide comments, or
      accusations with no evidence, just make the site unpleasant for
      everyone. Our goal is a system which educates, and when necessary
      enforces - with the least possible fuss - our standards of behaviour.
      If you have comments or suggestions please join the discussion on

      To join the discussion:

      1. Log into the HASA Members area:

      2. Go to the Welcome forum. The link is located in the left hand and
      is the last link in the "In Welcome..." section, just above the
      "Logout" button.

      3. Look for the discussion titled "Code of Conduct Revisions". Click
      the link.

      4. Look for the thred "Discipline outside grievance procedure". It is
      the only thread at this time.

      If you are an inactive member, you will be prompted to reactivate your
      record when you log in.

      If you are not yet a HASA member, please feel free to join. The only
      requirements for joining HASA are you must be at least 13 years old
      teh day you join and you have an interest in Tolkien fanfiction. You
      do not need to be an author - readers are very welcome, too!

      To join HASA: