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178February 2007 Challenges Bulletin

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  • Anglachel Gurthang
    Feb 18, 2007

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      Anti Valentine Day's Quickie Challenge

      There's still time to enter a tale for this challenge!

      • Anti Valentine's Day Quickie
        Closes 28 Feb 07: 'Tis the season when all the happy, heart-y, pink-and-red, sugar-coated decor comes out, and the thematic message seems to be: "If you love that special one, buy our stuff for him or her! Because your devotion in time of need and good company just don't say "I love you" like jewelry or this cheap tin of chocolate." So to counter the icky sweetness, write drabbles that are either bitterly depressing or else show a non-commercialized/non-sanitized romantic moment.


      Post your request at the Birthday Cards Forum

      Gandalfs apprentice will be out of town from January 31 to February 5. Any birthday requests will be processed when she returns.

      Also, don't forget to create a story for the birthday card workshop. This serves the same purpose as the old HAWriters story and lets others put drabbles they write in an easily accessible location. Enter this story in the challenge for January birthday drabbles, so we have all of these in one place. (There are instructions on how to do all this at the top of each thread in the Birthday Cards Forum; if you need help just ask the Workshop Manager, Gwynnyd.) Any questions, contact Gandalfs Apprentice at:


      If you aren't at your usual computer, you can send GA an email through HASA, too.

      New Challenges

      A sprinkling of the Universe Quickies Challenge, 1st QUARTER 2007

      • Stars and Planets in Middle-earth
        Closes 31 March 07: This quarter's Quickie Challenge has a theme: all story prompts are about the heavens. The story should be at least one typewritten page long, but not more than 3 typewritten pages (1500 to 4500 characters)

      Open Challenges

      Six for the names of Strider

      • LACE Challenge
        Closes 03 March 07: LACE (Laws and Customs of the Eldar) is greatly debated among the Elf-writers on the list. Is it cannon? Is it all true? Is it a lie told by a Man as a lesson to other Men? Is it a joke told by a Noldor to confuse Men and Moriquendi?

      • Realizations
        Closes 30 April 07: I'll post a character to start us out. Say, Gimli. Then the first person interested in joining this challenge will come up with a story idea in which someone, anyone, learns something about Gimli. Let's say that person wants to write a story where Legolas learns that Gimli fought in the Battle of the Five Armies. That person will post saying they want to write a story where Legolas learns something about Gimli. Nothing more specific than that, giving away the story would spoil some of the fun.

        Now the second person who wants to join this challenge has to think of a story where someone learns something about Legolas. They likewise post a name, and the third person who wants to join this challenge does a story where a character of *their* choosing learns something about the character who learned something about Legolas.

      • Marital Spats
        Closes 30 April 07: Marital spats always happen, even in the "perfect" couple, so what about Faramir & Eowyn? Arwen & Aragorn? Rosie & Samwise? Galadriel & Celeborn? Or any other Middle-Earth couple, for that matter? How do characters react in the crucible of love from fight to resolution?

      • A Tale Within a Tale
        Closes 30 April 07: It's a common literary device to have a tale told within your main story. The device could be used in many effective ways: a taleteller relating a story for entertainment, as Strider does; a mother telling a child a story; someone relating a tale of the past; a herald passing on information. It could be a character telling a story about himself, or retelling an old legend for any number of reasons. The tale could be an essential part of the story, or a side story to the main plot.

      • Mortality
        Closes 21 June 07: LĂșthien, Elros and Arwen all decided to become mortal. In what way would their life be changed? How would this change affect the body and mind? Would Beren and Aragorn feel guilty?

      • When Brothers Are Not So Close
        There are four options:
        1. Write the brothers as cool or distant
        2. An argument that needs to be resolved
        3. An AU with an outside force separating the brothers and how it might effect canon
        4. Explore the relationship outside of canon.
        You could include cousins or other people who share a brotherly bond.

      Keep a New Year's Resolution

      HASA Challenges Team