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136Site will be down!

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  • JunoMagic
    Aug 1, 2006
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      Heads up! Site will be down.

      As an FYI to our members and readers, HASA will be having a
      significant code version update on Saturday, August 5th.

      As we have been announcing, the web site will be launching a new
      Readers Club section as well as implementing a large number of code
      fixes, new and updated features, formatting changes, and other things.

      This will be done on Saturday AM. The exact hour is uncertain, but it
      will not be before 9:00 AM, US west coast time. It should be done by noon.

      What should you expect? The site will be inaccessible on and off
      during this time. There will be several database updates in store,
      which will require the site being offline entirely, and after new code
      is in place, the server will be restarted several times for testing.
      If you are logged in as a member, you will lose your user session and
      have to log in again. After the code is in place, some navigation
      choices will be different, so please pay attention to the new menus.

      For a sneak peek at the changes in store, please visit:

      HASA Tech Support