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13Transition to New Server in March

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  • JunoMagic
    Mar 6, 2005
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      A lot of exciting things are happening behind the scenes at HASA in

      The big project for this month is the transition to the new
      server. Details on the upgrade can be read here:


      As with any move to a new home, there will be a few times when access
      to the old site will be limited or cut off due to the server move.

      I anticipate two major downtimes:

      1. Moving the database. This is the most important part of the move
      and will happen before site files are changed over. When the database
      is changed over, access to the Members area will be shut down to make
      sure no changes are happening while the database is in transition. At
      the same time, the Verity searches that power the Research Library and
      the Forums search will be rebuilt. I anticipate this will take one
      day. I am trying to schedule this during this coming week.

      2. Changing DNS. After site files have been moved and tests run, the
      DNS will need to be changed. While the change itself takes only a few
      minutes, it may take 48 hours for the change to be picked up across
      the Internet. Until the domain server your Internet provider uses to
      store HASA's domain and IP address records the new address, you may
      not be able to see HASA. This will occur in the latter part of the

      As always, I appreciate your patience during the transition.