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GT: New airline conducts proving flight to Guyana (demwaves)

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    Written by Denis Scott Chabrol    Tuesday, 28 August 2012 13:16 The Fly Jamaica aircraft that flew over the National Stadium (picture from Jamaica Gleaner)
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      Written by Denis Scott Chabrol   
      Tuesday, 28 August 2012 13:16
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      The Fly Jamaica aircraft that flew over the National Stadium (picture from Jamaica Gleaner)
      Guyanese pilot, Ronald Reece is spearheading plans to begin scheduled flights to Jamaica and North America with his new airline, Fly Jamaica, before year-end and he is convi nced that there are enough passengers to make the Guyana leg of the route feasible.
      Fly  Jamaica  on August 24 flew its Boeing 757 from  Jamaica  to  Guyana  on  a “proving flight” to convince the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority that the airline should be granted an Air Operators Certificate (AOC). 
      Chief Executive Officer of the airline, Ronald Reece said when  Jamaica  grants its AOC in later this week, he would use that document to obtain approvals from counterpart aviation authorities in  Guyana ,  United States  and  Canada . 
      Fly  Jamaica  intends to offer scheduled flights to those countries by year end. Guyanese authorities say approval and granting of an AOC can take less than one month. Though Reece did not want to give a precise date when scheduled flights could begin, Guyanese officials say they are catering for another two months. 
      Aboard the proving flight were 92 passengers including Jamaican flight inspectors and airline staff who together examined and observed operational standards, local ground handling and security operations. 
      Asked whether he believed it would be feasible for another airline to fly the Guyana-leg, Reece said his personal experience has shown that there are enough passengers for the several airlines. “It’s like a bottomless pit. You need another carrier in the  Caribbean . Caribbean Airlines has not satisfied their arrangement with the Jamaican government as to what they had promised in terms of what they were going to do so the Jamaicans have more or less welcomed this start-up so once you have an airplane, people will fly on the aircraft,” said Reece, a former pilot with the now defunct state-owned Guyana Airways Corporation (GAC). 
      Currently, the United States-Guyana route is served by Caribbean Airlines, Delta Airlines and  EzJet- the latter of which recently began flying to  Canada . 
      The Fly Jamaica boss explained that he opted to operate out of  Jamaica  because Guyana-registered airlines will not win approval to fly scheduled flights to the  United States . “ Guyana  is not a Category One country so if you start up anything, you can’t fly to the  United States ,” he said.
      Guyanese authorities have long promised to put in place the necessary technical and administrative arrangements to restore the South American country to Category One status. 
      Fly Jamaica Airways is a partnership between chief executive officer (CEO), Guyana-born Paul Ronald Reece and three Jamaican shareholders including Chief Operating Officer (COO) Captain Lloyd Tai and manager of in-flight services, Christine Steele. Reece is also the owner of Wings Aviation Inc, based in  Guyana .
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