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GT: Olga Lopes Seale and Vivian Lee

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    Sent from my iPhone ... Sent from my iPhone Olga Lopes Seale and Vivian Lee meet in Barbados after over 40 years Isabelle and Vivian Lee with “Auntie” Olga
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 2, 2010
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      Olga Lopes Seale and Vivian Lee meet in Barbados after over 40 years



      Isabelle and Vivian Lee with “Auntie” Olga Lopes Seale—in Barbados

      Olga Lopes Seale and Vivian Lee re-connected again after many years when Vivian visited Barbados with his wife, Isabelle, for a short vacation in June. They are both 91 years old now, and were glad to meet again and reminisce about early broadcasting and entertainment in Guyana, in the 1950s, when they were at Radio Demerara, and he ran a successful advertising and music business.
      Vivian has been residing in Vancouver, British Columbia, since 1985 after spending seven years in France. In Vancouver he was one of the founders of the Guyanese Cultural Association of BC in 1986, after a visit there by then President Hoyte brought out the Guyanese and started the process. He believes in continuous learning and action, and earned a degree in English from the University of British Columbia. He wrote and edited a book entitled Super Seniors in 2004, which chronicles inspiring life stories of people over 65 achieving their goals.
      Dame Olga Lopes Seale is still doing her charity work in Barbados, driving her little SUV around helping kids and families in need. She recently collected $50,000 (US$25,000) in her annual Fun Run sponsored by companies, schools and individuals in Barbados.
      Olga Lopes Seale was a pioneer of radio broadcasting and responsible for exposing musical talent in Berbice. She was equally successful as a broadcaster in Barbados after emigrating there in 1964 with her Barbadian husband. As a broadcaster in Guyana, Olga Lopes-Seale was responsible for programs like Birthday Requests; The Ovaltine show; Yours Truly Olga, the Radio Demerara Needy Children's Fund. She was inducted into the Caribbean Broadcasting Hall of Fame in August 1997.
      In 2002, she, as well as Vivian Lee, received the Guyana Folk Festival 2002 Wordsworth McAndrew Award. These awards, named after the distinguished Guyanese folklorist Wordsworth McAndrew, are awarded to recipients for their contributions to Guyanese folk and popular culture.


      From 1957 to 1979 Vivian Lee had a Record Store, Advertising company, as well as a recording company ACE Records at Robb and King Streets. He was a broadcaster, public relations specialist, songwriter, and cultural promoter. A very creative man he was, writing the famous radio character Mrs. Snodgrass; creating the lyrics for ―Down at the bottom floor, popularized by Lord Canary and promoting national and international musicians like Johnny Braff, who was a very popular local artist with many hits in the 1960‘s. He also produced one of the early Guyanese films, the musical comedy, ― If Wishes Were Horses‖.

      Life is short; live to it's fullest:)


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