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GT: President Obama - Notre Dame should be ashamed

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    This is a little long but it is definitely food for thought! This was written by a Notre Dame student who will receive her degree this May. I hope they heard
    Message 1 of 1 , May 4, 2009

      This is a little long but it is definitely food for thought! This was written by a Notre Dame student who will receive her degree this May. I hope they heard her. Enjoy everyone!

      President Obama: What's all the Fuss about?

      It appears that a lot of people need to take the advice of Michael Jackson’s 1988 song and take a look at the “Man (or Woman) in the Mirror.” Especially those who have expressed opposition to President
      Obama speaking at the 2009 Notre Dame graduation with unsound, hypocritical, and invalid arguments. It has been weeks, now, since the news released that President Obama would be speaking at three  universities; including the University of Notre Dame. Since then, I have read a plethora of letters expressing that if President Obama speaks at the Notre Dame graduation it will go against all Catholic teachings and what “Notre Dame” represents.

      Now before I move on, I would just like to ask who represents Notre Dame?

      Could it be the non-Catholic students that attend class every day? Could it be the homosexual students who are in charge of clubs? Could it be all the young adults buying contraceptives to prevent unplanned pregnancy? Or maybe Notre Dame is represented by the science professors teaching evolution, driving cars with signs that say “Catholics for Obama”, and theology professors teaching their students acceptance of all human beings? No, it couldn’t be any of those people. Notre Dame is apparently made up of a small minority of intransigent Catholics who believe that President Obama is not a worthy speaker for the upcoming graduation, because of his views on abortion.
      I ask these people if they have gone this far to make sure each and every graduation keynote speaker was in alignment with Catholic teachings? Have you stood outside the Main Building holding picket signs
      every time Notre Dame admitted a student that was not an avid follower of God? Have you written letters to the Observer every time a non-Catholic was elected for student government? Have you flooded Father
      Jenkins’ and former Notre Dame president’s mailboxes in opposition, every time a Notre Dame offense and defense stepped on the gridiron that was not entirely made up of Catholics? Did you make sure that the number one women’s basketball and men’s football recruits were followers of Catholic teaching before you promised the school millions of dollars if they committed? Did you create a box on your business’ application to determine if applicants believed in the same things you do? Did you tell your sons and daughters to go against safe-sex practices; because no child of God is a mistake? Did you curse the administration when they allowed George W. Bush, a supporter of capital punishment, to speak at the 2001 graduation? Have you been willing to mock your own religion (“…a kum-by-ya hand holding kind of religion…) whenever a Notre Dame female stepped into an abortion clinic to erase her mistake?

      If your answer is not yes to each and every one of those questions then your argument against President Obama speaking is not justified. It is one thing to not agree with him but completely hypocritical to condemn his character based on one judgment. Everyone that is reading this can admit to themselves (and God) that they have fallen short of His glory.
      We have done, said, and supported things that have gone against God’s will. You gripe at the idea of giving him a stage to speak in front of 10,000 people and receive an honorary degree, yet neglect to accept that he’s on stage in front of 8 billion people every day and was elected and granted the award of leading the most powerful country in the world. You label President Obama as “anti-life” as if he is not against the War on Terrorism. You create your own definition of what it means to be Catholic (“You cannot be Catholic and prochoice…”} as if you were a co-writer of the Ten Commandments. You threaten to line the streets of South Bend holding pictures of aborted fetuses, as if you are sending a positive message; especially to the small children that will see the horrifying display. In what would be a successful revolt, you act as if you have also impeached him.
      We should be honored that a man of such prestige, a man that has brought a divided and crumbling nation together, a man that has defeated all odds, has agreed to come and address an unworthy crowd of Notre Dame graduates. We must remember that he is not coming to address us on stem cell research and abortion, but motivate graduating seniors who are entering a less than perfect economy. Whether you support him or not he IS the United States President and after May 17 he will continue to be.
      On my graduation day, I will be nothing short of honored to have a man that has been derided by hundreds of thousands of people (many who have no affiliation with Notre Dame) step on stage and give my graduation speech. If you’re still willing to say your argument is valid then I’m guessing you saw Jesus Christ when you looked in the mirror.
      May God Bless you all.
      Brittney R. Bolden
      Notre Dame Class of 09
      Obama Supporter
      Always me,
      James O. Harris

      Life is too short; needs to be lived to it's fullest!

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