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slander and a wandering mind

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  • Harjit
    QN: Waheguru Ji Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, Many thanks to answer all my emails. I want to ask you that what does exactly mean by to refrain from
    Message 1 of 1 , Sep 1, 2010
      Waheguru Ji  Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,

      Many thanks to answer all my emails.

      I want to ask you that what does exactly mean by to refrain from slandering.If we slander someone who is very evil in his deeds even then we are doing the wrong thing or just speaking the truth about that person.

      Also what do I do conquer the wandering mind, it keeps on changing every moment.

      Can u also please provide me with your contact number if u r comfortable.

      Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh
      SatNaam Dearest Veer ji,
      there is quite alot of divine wisdom about slandering here in the explanation of the 13th Astpadi of Sukhmani by Dassan Dass ji,
      The basic answer is what Dassan Dass ji said to us when we slandered, "is there once place in the entire Universe whee God is not present?"  So whatever (eg I hate the rain!) or whomever you slander, is ultimately slandering God's Creation, His precious Creation.  The very God we are trying to please.  So that is why Dassan Dass ji has said to us not to slander anyone or anything AT ALL, just keep praising everyone and everything we see, but we need to see SatGuru in every heart.  It may be difficult in some circumstances, by Dalai Lama said what he does whenever he meets someone is to always try and find one good quality about them , something about them that is better than him.  Once he met someone and could find absolutely nothing better about him, no good quality at all, but then he had the breakthrough and thought, "he is great, he has more hair than me!"   By practising this kind of attitude to life and all whom we meet, we break out of the destructuve side of the mind.   If somene is doing bad deeds, then there is justice system of the Law of the Land, or utlimatel Laaw of Karma to deal with them for their bad deeds.  But from your point of view, you only need to remember that they have God;s Light - the Soul, in them too, and that part of them is worthy of highest respect.  So there is a saying, "the crime is bad, not the criminal".   Parents/older siblings/teachers have a great role to play when bringing up kids.  They need to realise ow powerful their words are to younger people.   If you keep calling someone stupid, one day they are going to get older and say "well they think I'm stupid anyway, so I might as well do some stupid things."  Our freind wasa counsellor at a prison. she asked all the prsioners in her group what kind of things their parents said to them when they were growing up, and they replied, "you're nothing but trouble,"  , "you're going to end up in prison like your dad,"  , "they should have thrown you out with the afterbirth"  and so on.  And look where thee people ended up - in prison , doing all the things that they were told they were.
      So slandering is absolutely a negative deed.  If you think bad about others, then you will ruin your own mind in negativity, and you will destroy the other persons self-esteem if they look up to you.   Or you will end up in destroying your realtionship, because your partner will pick up the bad vibes from you all the time.  Dassan Dass ji always asks us to see God in everyone, actually gurbani asks us to see our Satguru in everyone, to love everyone as we love our satguru, and no matter how bad their deeds are, we can always love their soul part, because that is part of God.  And when even the seemingly worst criminal feels you are not hating him, and feels positive vibes from you, then LOVE can even melt the most stone hearted.  Lookat the story of Sajjan Tug, the murderer who was reformed by Dhan Guru Nanak.  So that is the power of doing SatNaam and finding the love and compassion iside yourself, then looking out at others with love and compassion too.  Gurbani says, that the diseased mind looks out at others and sees all as diseased.  When you slander others, or see bad in others, or criticse nature, or say insects and bugs or a piece of shit is disgusting, then it actually tells God in your heart, that your mind is disgusting, is diseased and is not yet ready for God to come and reside in it.  
      This whole journey of the soul is to find your way through the maze of your mind and not worry about what others are doing or saying.  Dassan Dass ji said to us if we really want to slander, then do self-slander, meaning write our confessions on email of all the disgusting things about ourself.  The Truth about our ownself, how lustful we are, how egotistic we are, how much we do misdeeds in secret thinking no one will know - but God in our heart knows everything, so we cant fool him.  Only when He sees we are serious about doing bhagti, about being honest, about admitting how low in cosciousness we are, how determined we are now to reform, does he give us His Eternal Blessings - GurParsaad.
      Whenever you find your mind criticising or judging others, just say "Hum nahee chunga buraa nahee koee. Pranvat nanak taray soee."  Meaning "I am not good, no one is bad.  Praying like this, Nanak is ferried across."   We said to some close Sikhs that were criticsing and slandering Baba ji, that you believe in Guru Granth Sahib Ji, you believe in Guru Nanak ji, so where does Gurbani give you the right to gossip and slander anyone, let alone a Sant?  Then those Sikhs went quiet.  But, others stuck out their chest more saying, but no, we have the right to tell the Truth, to protect others from being mislead."  But, they dont realise that unless you are Sant, you cant recognise another Sant (brahmgiani kee gat brahmmgiani janay), so what do they know about what is Truth or not, if they haven't realised Truth themself?   So until we become Brahmgiani, its better to only see Satguru ji in every heart (jejh jeh pekay teh teh hadorr, dhoor katho na jai - wherever I look I only see YOU - you never go far from me - Gurbani), trust that no bad deed will go unpunished according to karma, not to judge  or criticise anyone as being bad. "I am not good, no one is bad, praying like this I am ferried across."
      And regarding your other point about a wandering mind, give up desires during the day says baba ji and your dreams will be pure.  Practise living without desires and without judging others, practise only seeing Satnaam Satguru in one and all and only asking for Dukh for yourself and Sukh for others.  Surrender mind, body and wealth to the Satguru that gave you Naam.   Do such an ardas that you are ready to die - "Satguru ji, now I am only going to do what you have told me to do, either I realise the Truth, or I die - its up to You."    There's a story of a saint.  A devotee came to him and said how do I get the vision of God?  And he grabbed the devotee's head and dunked it in the water trough.  The guy was spluttering and struggling, but the saint kept his head under.  Then when he let the devotee up, he asked him "how did you feel?". The devotee replied, "i felt like I was going to die without taking a breath."  The saint replied, "When you feel like that about God, you will have Darshan."
      So what has Satguru ji asked us to do?  Get up at amritvela and do 2.5 hrs simran.  In the evening do another 1 hour of simran.  All day long keep no desires or wants in our mind and keep doing every activity with the atitude it is loving seva of our Satguru.   Keep confessing our misdeeds and asking for forgiveness.  Keep doing ardas all day long."
      Do that and you will go into samadhi within a couple of days.  That was our expereince last year.  When we totally surrendered, then and only then did our mind come under control.  Otherwise it never does.
      Dust of your feet
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