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    ik oankar satnaam gurprasad|| Forwarding from an enlightened soul. Everyone knws much about the warrior side of Guru Gobind Singh ji, but what about the SANT
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      ik oankar satnaam gurprasad||

      Forwarding from an enlightened soul. Everyone knws much about the warrior side of Guru Gobind Singh ji, but what about the SANT side, and how about the spiritual connection a devotee has with Guru ji nowadays?


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      �Ek pita ekas ke hum barak �

      One Father, One�s children.�

      Guru Nanak Patshah (King of Kings) was the one who brought the Mool Mantra and so much Braham Gyan (Knowledge of God) onto this Earth from Dargah (God�s court). There is no match with his contributions to uplift the souls on this Earth. He is the one who made Bhagti (path ogf loving devotional worship) so easy. The one who made it and so easy to achieve Jivan Mukti (liberation while alive) on this Earth. He should always be praised for that, and he did that by unbelievably walking over 82, 000 miles - nobody else could do it. Guru Nanak ji is �dhan dhan� (great , great), Guru Gobind Singh ji is �dhan dhan�, Guru Granth Sahib ji is �dhan dhan� and all the patshahis (Ten Guru King of Kings) are �dhan dhan�. The ones who gave us so much Braham Gyan that we can become Jivan Mukt by following their Primal Words (�dhur kee bani aaee � bani has come from the Primal One�).

      Once you reach the stage of Param Padvi (Supreme Status � One with God), the 5 thieves (Panj Doots) serve you. So a Braham Gyani (Enlightened Soul � Knower of God) rules over these Doots and not the other way - the Doots don�t rule over him � that was what Guru Gobind Singh Ji was. Anger ridden religious-minded people make a mistake by saying Guru Gobind Singh Ji had anger to be able to fight. (They misunderstand �When the arrow struck, warrior-spirit arose� � �Jabay baan lagio, tabay josh jagio�). They make a mistake by comparing themselves to Guru Gobind Singh Ji (by thinking it is OK for them to get angry when they see things they don�t like in their family, in their Gurdwara or other religious people. They dont realise the anger thief is controlling them. Wereas it served Guru ji.)

      Guru Gobind Singh Sahib Ji was engaged in diminishing crime from society. That was his destiny. That is why he is known as Dusht Daman (Destroyer of Tryrants). Infact every Sant does it, and every one�s service is different. The Sant takes the poison out of you and gives you Amrit (the constant expereince of Immortal God inside your mind, body and soul). Infact the Sant drinks your poison and gives you the inner Amrit. By doing so he removes the criminal or even dangerous elements like Panj Doots, desires etc from your inside. He cleans you up from these deadly viruses. For that matter why would the Almighty create Earthquakes and other disasters on the Earth (like the recent Tsunami)? One good example in Sikh history is the attack and demolishing of the Akal Takhat. God does it to correct society. The understanding of these facts and Gyan (divine wisdom) is very important in order to remain unaffected by such situations.

      Guru Gobind Singh Ji's unlimited contribution to uplift the society is unquestionable. He was Nirankaar Roop (Form of the Formless One); a Pooran Braham Gyani (Complete and Pefect Knower of God), a Pooran Khalsa (Complete and Perfect Pure Enlightened Soul) and we are all proud to be following his path of Truth and serving the Truth. You should all take him as your role model and try to become like him.

      Guru Gobind Singh Ji has been an unmatched spiritual power, so comparison with Him will be a mistake, for that matter comparing yourself with anyone or any Bhagat is kind of a Dargahi Crime (Crme against God�s Court), so abstain from doing so.


      Nothing is preventing you to get yourselves trained in using weapons, if you like to. But remember Guru Gobind Singh Ji never used his weapons for a piece of land. But Sant Marg doesn't mean to follow a sant - what it means is that you are moving on a path that will make you a sant (the heart in whom God dwells is the Sant � not just a dressing in white and having a following). And all bhagti marg's (paths of loving devorional worship) are sant margs � lead you to becoming a Sant hirda (spiritual heart). We don't have to attach ourselves with the body of a Sant, but we do have to attach ourselves with �pargatyeo jyot� (the manifested light of the Supreme Truth within them)- the �Sat naam�. That is what Sant Baba ji says, �don't attach yourselves to my body, but attach yourselves to naam amrit. The body is just made of five elements and will go back to these elements, but Sat Naam will prevail for ever.� So we all need to attach ourselves to Sat Naam.

      All you are looking for is jivan mukti (liberated while in human body). And once you become a jivan mukt then you can help others to move on sant marg and achieve jivan mukti. This is maha-parupkaar (great service to humanity). What can be more rewarding than helping some one become a sant and jivan mukt? This is the biggest service of the sangat, nothing can beat this seva and this is service of God named Truth �sat naam ki seva�. Jivan mukti is not just your own jivan mukti, gurbani says that it is �21 kulan ki daat� meaning your following 21 generations will also get jivan mukti. And only at the Sant stage if you get a Hukam (Command from God) to pick up your weapons to protect the Truth then you will have to do that - it all depends upon hukam you get (once you become an enlightened soul).

      The sixth and tenth Guru Patshahi (Kings) jis had that Hukam so they were blessed with weapons too to meet the hukam. However, all the other Guru Patshahi's never had any hukam to pickup weapons so they didn't. It was with Akal Purakh's hukam that Guru Teg Bahadur ji worshipped for over 28 years to be blessed with the birth of Guru Gobind Singh Ji - dusht damman (destroyer of tryrants)- dassam pita (tenth father) and that was all in hukam.

      For that matter every thing is in hukam - hukme ander sabh ko bahar hukam naa koi. There are no two sants or bhagats alike. Everybody's bhagti is different. So your bhagti will be unique too.

      (Whether liberation is possible without receiving Sikh inititation as it is today) confuses a lot of the masses. Stressing on outside discipline only will not take you anywhere. The internal descipline is the key to spirituality. We have not taken any initiation from panj pyare, and yet we have completed our spiritual journey with Sant Baba ji's kirpa. At the time of Guru Gobind Singh Ji it was the hukam to make an army of Singhs so he created the �khande bate da pahul� (initiation of the sword) and panj pyare (5 beloved Khalsas) to spiritually uplift the society and prepare them to fight against crime. However the current situation is alot different, and so is the Hukam of Akal Purakh. For a beginner it is good to have �khande bate da pahul� because everybody is not going to get Gurparsaadi Naam (due to it not being in their destiny yet). Because Guru Gobind Singh Ji knew this he created the system of Panj pyare and �khande bate da pahul� for the masses. But if one gets the
      highest �naam amrit� i.e �Sat Naam� then he is all set.

      Infact the actual �amrit� is already inside everybody � �nanak amrit mane mahe�. The pooran Sant just ignites that naam jyot (light of Naam) inside you and takes you through the comlete inner pilgrimage. And it all depends upon your �purble janama ke ankur � preordained destiny from previous lives�.

      We have seen 11-12 of our previous lives doing Gurbani (reading and reciting Sikh prayers) and other dharam karams (religious actions), but we had connection with Sant Baba ji from our previous lives, so we were destined to meet him.

      With the Gurparsadi Gurkirpa of Pargateyo Jyot Puran Braham Gyani Sant Baba Ji, many times in Smadhi and Sun Smadhi � Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Guru Gobind Singh Ji and other Gurus came to bless us. Don't remember how many times but it happened very frequently. In the early stages of our Bandgi we used to feel presence of all the ten Gurus sitting on top of our head in an arc. Guru Nanak Patshah Ji on the right side to Guru Gobind Singh Patshah Ji on the left side. We saw Guru Nanak Patshah Ji several times as well as Guru Gobind Singh Patshah Ji also.

      There are several people who can see the divine sangat sitting around us � souls of saints and sadhus from sach khand. In our sangat, they can see a lot of parkash (God�s Light) all around. Most people get darshan (sacred vision) of Guru Nanak Patshah and Guru Gobind Singh Patshah ji. We ourselves must have seen Guru Nanak Dev ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji several times, and you will see them too when you go in smadhi (deep meditation � loving embrace of the Lord).

      Incidentally we also had Darshan of Dhan Dhan Guru Gobind Singh Ji this morning ( 4 Jun 04), don't remember all the incident but remember that we saw Him and then we did Dandaut to Him, and He also did Dandaut to us; this shows how much he loves us:

      Khalsa Mero Satgur Pura;

      Khalsa is my Perfect Satguru

      The Gurbani has come true to us once again, this is how much he loves the ones who do what He taught us to do. This shows how much he loves those who move on the Khalsa Panth � the Eternally True Path of Eternal Truth, the SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT SAT. Once Sant Baba Ji mentioned that if we don't do what Guru Gobind Singh Ji has told us to do then Guru ji will never be happy. But look what happens when you move on the Khalsa Panth - the Path To Become a Khalsa - he bows before the ones who do so.

      (To do what Guru ji has said means you need a heart full of Love and Truth. This is a must. The more love you put in worship, the more the Lord blesses you. Guru Gobind Singh ji says :

      swc khoN sun lyhu sBY ijn pRym kIau iqn hI pRBu pwieau ]

      Saach kahon, Sun leho sabhai, Jin prem kiyo, tin hi prabh paiyo.

      I tell the Truth, Listen All : Only those who LOVE God realise Him. )

      We are thankful to Guru Gobind Singh ji a zillion times with every breath of ours. We are thankful to Sant Baba Ji a zillion times with every breath of ours. We are thankful to Akal Purakh with every breath of ours. We are thankful to all the Guru Sahibans a zillion times with every breath of ours. We are thankful to all the Sants, Bhagats and Braham Gyanis of all ages a zillion times with every breath of ours for their kindness and unlimited �Naam Ki Kamai� (earning of Naam). We are also thankful to you all a zillion times with every breath of ours. We are also thankful to all those who are making sincere efforts to get Gur Parsaadi Naam a zillion times with every breath of ours and we pray for them all a zillion times with every breath of ours to the Almighty to be kind on them and give them the Gur Parsaadi Naam.

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