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Finding that dream job, having a passionate life

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    satnaam ji dandauth bandhana ji Some New Age Motivators say we need to find a job we are passionate about, then people reply they are still looking for
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2008
      satnaam ji
      dandauth bandhana ji

      Some New Age Motivators say we need to find a job we are passionate about,
      then people reply they are still looking for something they were passionate
      about. OK, some people will find that ideal job, but most people will not
      and will carry on being unsatisfied with their current situation. Sai Baba
      said it best, "Its not about doing what you like, its about liking what you

      If we accept that we are only going to get what we have sown in the past,
      and we also accept that wherever we are right now in life is the Hukam, the
      will of God, then the mind comes into contentment right away. And that is
      90% of the battle. The remaining 10% to peace of mind comes
      by understanding how to be passionate. Most of us on a spiritual path are
      already very passionate about one thing and one thing only - attaining Union
      with the Truth. When we are passionate about that, it doesn't mean we
      should then not do any thing else. For many years I was passionate about
      going to the Gurdwara, doing seva (service) and simran (meditation). But
      when it came to studying, going to work or starting a family, I just
      couldn't see the point. I did it without any passion. But with Baba Ji's
      blessing I have come to understand that the good things I learned in the
      Gurdwara were to be applied into every other aspect of my life. So now
      with Guru's kindness, I have brought that passion of serving and living for
      others into my worklife and into my homelife. Seeing work colleagues as my
      holy company (sangat) to serve, seeing work tasks and requests as being from
      my highest Boss, my Satguru. And at home seeing household chores as
      service to the family sangat. By keep the body in humble service and the
      mind on God wherever we are there is no duality of thinking some other job,
      or some other situation is better than where the Hukam has placed us
      right now.

      Another point some New Age Motivators or religious groups make is that by
      following a certain techniques we can have whatever we want. That there
      are tools that can help us destroy our self imposed limitations and make our
      dreams come true, to manifest our desires. Once again, some people will get
      what they want, but most people wont. Why? Because again it comes down to
      what we have sown in the past. We can only reap what we have sown. Law of
      Karma. Not understanding Law of Karma means the mind will remain unhappy,
      will keep on feeling that we have failed or are inadequate because we are
      not living in our dream house, with our dream partner in our dream
      lifestyle. Byron Katie summarised these techniques being sold to us as "You
      can have what you want." Wereas she said what we really needed to do was
      "Want what you have." It means accept that whatever we have right here,
      right now is absolutely the right thing for us. This is our Guru's teaching
      also, to accept the Hukam, accept that what we have right now is God's will
      for us right now. Then the mind is at peace. Contentment in Truth, Sat
      Santokh, stabilizes the mind. Then we can sit and meditate with one mind,
      one focus and escape from the hold maya (worldliness) has over us. We can
      go into smadhee, deep meditation, and realise the objective of our life on

      So what will happen if we suddenly give up looking for a job we are
      passionate about, and we give up trying to have what we want? Will our life
      stagnate? Will we become poor and unfulfilled? No, not at all. What
      happens is we free our mind from "the grass is greener on the other side"
      mentality. We stop complaining about the job or situation we are in. We
      stop the downward mental spiral that drains us of our life energy, our inner
      amrit. Instead, we wake up and become passionate about everything, because
      we see God in everything. We work harder and more consistently in our work
      and home life. We let go of all our wants and worldly desires and
      instead trust God-Guru to take care of everything. We live in the moment by
      accepting the Hukam for us. And when in a future moment an opportunity
      comes for us, we study or work for it as best we can.

      When we say to God that we now only live for doing Naam Simran, Seva and
      Bhagti (devitonal worship), then God-Guru will give us the worldly stabilty
      we need. He will give us the opportunities to have all the material
      possesions, house, car, family, job and so on that we require in order to
      live a spiritual life. And free us from chasing those dreams that can never
      come true for us because of what our karma has limited us to.

      This is what it means in Gurbani whenever the Gurus have written that all
      their desires have been fulfilled and that whatever they have asked for has
      come true , eg "jo mangey takur apanay tay soee soee devay". It means all
      spiritual dreams have been fulfilled and as a by product, all material needs
      (not wants and maya dreams), have been taken care of. Satguru tumaray
      kaaja savaray ... The SatGuru takes care of all your tasks.

      God Bless You
      dust of your feet

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