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He Himself has become my help and support - aap sehaaee hoaa

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    ... REPLY: Dear Elspeth, Sat Naam, Sat Guru, Sat Sangat - I bow to you. I find it very interesting and wonderful how this mantra can be combined with yoga and
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 21, 2008
      > Sat nam,
      > Can anyone tell me more about the Aap Sahai Hoa meditation and what it
      > is 'for'? On the 'Circle of Light' CD it is explained as being 'a
      > mantra for prosperity, inner peace and self-esteem. It frees the mind
      > from negativity and protects you from negative surroundings.'
      > I'm going to do it for at least 40 days and would be interested in
      > hearing more about it, if anyone knows.
      > Thanks.
      > Elspeth


      Dear Elspeth,
      Sat Naam, Sat Guru, Sat Sangat - I bow to you.

      I find it very interesting and wonderful how this mantra can be combined
      with yoga and mudras as
      taught by Yogi Bhajan Ji and described in previous posts. And also all the
      benefits it brings to one who recites it.

      Personally, I have had the following experience of it and as long as I put
      my heart into it, I didn't necessarily need to put the yoga
      and mudras and timings or chantings with it (although that is a great way to
      focus the mind).

      It is a verse by the fifth Guru, Guru Arjun Dev Ji.
      Whenever I sing or recite any praises from the Guru's, I always feel it is
      the Guru within me who is
      singing it. In that way, I feel I am stepping in the dear Guru's shoes, and
      those sweet words are
      carving my heart into a humble and kind place. A place where God can come
      and reside.
      That is the greatest benefit of singing and reciting the words of the
      Guru-Masters, they take us back to
      the place they came from, and that is the higher consciousness - the God

      I remember visiting my Aunt in hospital once in India on a vist. She could
      hardly speak, I just sat next to her
      whilst my Dad (her brother) spoke to her. I had the feeling to hold her
      hand and to just keep reciting this
      verse "aap sahaee hoa, sachay da sachay doo-a". It felt very kind and
      loving. It felt like the Guru was blessing
      her Himself. It felt like the Guru was giving her the help and support she
      needed at this time when she was at her weakest
      and lowest.

      And that's what it means, "God Himself becomes the Aid, the True One's
      support is True."

      Years later, when she was well and came to visit us, she said to me that she
      remembered me sitting next to her quietly,
      praying for her and it had helped her. I was surprised she was even aware I
      was there. God was giving me some feedback through her, I guess,
      to reinforce that it was a good thing He had me do.

      I always find it helps to read the whole verse that a particular line comes
      from. My friend once said to me,
      that when we read the Guru's words, try and feel why they turned the pen in
      that particular way,
      what were they feeling, what were they expressing. Baba Ji also said we
      have to not merely read or recite the
      Guru's words, but to become them. So that there is no difference in what
      the Guru's words say and what we do.

      You can read for yourself the whole verse


      *Here and hereafter, He is our Savior.
      God, the True Guru, is Merciful to the meek.
      He Himself protects His slaves.
      In each and every heart, the Beautiful Word of His Shabad resounds. ||1||
      I am a sacrifice to the Guru's Feet.
      Day and night, with each and every breath, I remember Him; He is totally
      pervading and permeating all places. ||Pause||
      **He Himself has become my help and support. (aa*p seh*aaee* h*oaa* )
      *True is the support of the True Lord. (*sach*ae* dh*aa* sach*aa* dt*oaa)*
      *Glorious and great is devotional worship to You.
      Nanak has found God's Sanctuary. ||2||14||78||*

      dust of your feet


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