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Attitude of Gratitude

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    ik oankar satnaam gurprasad|| Attitude of Gratitude Nov 2004 ================ I never really understood the concept of gareebee in Gurbani. It literally
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 24, 2004
      ik oankar satnaam gurprasad||

      Attitude of Gratitude

      Nov 2004


      I never really understood the concept of "gareebee" in Gurbani. It literally means poverty. A �gareeb� is a poor person. So what does being poor have to do with spirituality? On the face of it many seekers have rejected wealth and turned to religion. Such as nuns and monks when they join a monastery. Or the Indian yogis and sadhus who wander around begging. To even one sect that even rejects wearing clothes - the Nagas - the naked ones.

      Is that what the Guru's wanted for us when they write they were poor :

      nwnku grIbu Fih pieAw duAwrY

      hir myil lYhu vifAweI ]6]
      Poor Nanak has fallen at the Lord's Door;

      please,O Lord, unite me with Yourself,

      by Your Glorious Greatness. ||6||

      But then we read that Guru HarGobind ji and Guru Gobind Singh Ji both dressed as Kings and were surrounded by wealth and family relations? All the things that the religious people regarded as worldy distractions.

      So what does "gareebee" mean to us?

      Gurmukh Ji said the following and it struck me as so simple and so true. Gurmukh Ji said, �On this path we have to become the lowest of the low in this world, and we become the highest of the high in the next world - in God's court.�

      Awps kau jo jwxY nIcw ]
      soaU gnIAY sB qy aUcw ]

      One who sees himself as lowly,
      shall be accounted as the highest of all.

      SGGS 266

      And becoming lowest of the low means having an attitude of gratitude like a beggar. Just think how a beggar receives even the smallest thing (although nowadays beggars I have met in India reject smaller notes and give you an earful of abuse!). But Gurmukh ji said, �Receive everything with an attiude of a gratitude. Be so thankful inside because we are underserving of anything.�

      First of all give back what we have stolen from God. We stole this body and soul ...yes we stole them from God, and put our own name on it. Gurbani says ..

      quDu AwgY Ardwis hmwrI jIau ipMfu sBu qyrw ]
      khu nwnk sB qyrI vifAweI koeI nwau n jwxY myrw ]4]10]49]

      I offer my prayer to You;

      this body and soul are all Yours.
      Says Nanak, this is all Your greatness;

      may no one know my name. ||4||10||49||

      SGGS 383

      God gave us it, but we stole them by saying 'MY BODY, MY SOUL, MY NAME.�

      Lie flat and prostrate infront of God at the Guru�s lotus feet and give back this body and soul and forget about getting your name glorified in this world.

      Then anything given to this body and soul receive it with an attitude of gratitude.

      Give everything back to God - mind, body, soul, family, wealth...absolutely everything. Become free in your mind. That is becoming a spiritual beggar.

      Then any food, every breath, every blink, every heartbeat, any gift, your job, your partner, your kids, your house, your car, you good health, absolutely everything be grateful for like a beggar would be. Your face will light up, joy will well up inside your heart. The happiness that you have not found from chasing wealth and women will now be experienced inside.

      The magician David Blane did one simple trick where he approached a homeless guy sleeping rough on the streets of New York. He gave him a cup of tea and the poor guy was so thankful. Then David Blane said some kind words and pushed up the base of the cup , the tea disappeared revealing a cup full of coins.

      The joy on the homeless guy�s face was priceless. His face lit up, he was so thankful, it looked like he wanted to get up, throw off his blanket and start dancing in the cold night air.

      That is living with an attiude of gratitude � that is the practical meaning of �gareebee�.

      In your attitude become like that homeless guy. Say nothing is mine, everything is Gods. And if anything comes to you then be so grateful to God who is giving it to you through the other person. God never tires of giving to us, we get tired and bored with receiving.

      dydw dy lYdy Qik pwih ]
      The Great Giver keeps on giving,

      while those who receive grow weary of receiving.

      SGGS 2

      That leads to us taking things for granted, not appreciating what we have. Leads to negative thinking, an atitude of constant complaining. This leads to being frustrated and becoming angry at others. Our family and friends take the brunt of our negativity. We spiral down and down in our mind and all around us we get no peace. Even though we have the biggest house, the fastest car, the prettiest partner, the smartest kids and on top of that we even may be �amritdharee�, but we have absolutely no happiness in any of it. That is punishment for the mind for being UNGRATEFUL.

      And dont become even more ungrateful when those worldy things disapeear one by one, because this world is false - everything is temporary, only one thing is Eternally True, and that is God's Name �Truth� : �Sat naam�.

      A Sikh said to Gurmukh Ji "It is so easy to meditate on Naam in the holy Sangat � there so much Amrit overflowing here from the holy souls." Gurmukh Ji replied, "It is easy to mediate on your own to if you just beg for Naam before doing simran."

      Then Gurmukh Ji cupped both hands together like a beggar and raised them up above his head, �I beg for the gift of Your Naam Lord�.

      mwgau dwnu Twkur nwm ]
      I beg for the Gift of Your Name,

      O my Lord and Master.

      SGGS 713

      dust of your feet

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