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Free Listing In Annual Casting Issue

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  • Bob Fraser
    Free Listing In Annual Casting Issue My friend Julie Ann at New England Entertainment Digest has asked me to pass this announcement along. If you re in the
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 3, 2006
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      Free Listing In Annual Casting Issue

      My friend Julie Ann at New England Entertainment Digest has
      asked me to pass this announcement along. If you're in the
      Northeast - this is a great offer.


      DO YOU ...

      Look for work (to be cast) in the entertainment industry?

      Cast individuals in the entertainment industry?

      Train individuals in the entertainment industry?

      Coach individuals in the entertainment industry?

      Represent individuals in the entertainment industry?

      THEN - You Should Participate in NEED's Annual Casting Issue

      Get yourself seen by casting directors throughout the region!

      Get yourself or your agency noticed as someone who can help
      NEED's readers better their craft!

      Get promoted in NEED's Annual Casting issue!

      DEADLINE: 7/10/06

      Put you in front of the eyes that need to see you. We also
      accept profiles on agents, photographers, coaches, agencies,
      etc. This is not an ad and it will cost you - nothing.

      All it takes is contacting us, or submitting biographical
      materials about yourself and what you do. (Resumes are
      helpful, but a biography is much MORE helpful).

      Again - the cost is nothing. Spread the word!

      Also - if you're a performer - actor - dancer - musician
      stunt artist -juggler - sword swallower - unicyclist, etc.
      keep in mind that NEED will be sending copies of this issue
      to our list of nearly 1000 casting directors and agencies
      throughout the Northeast (and beyond!)

      To submit information for this issue, or to get more



      OR VISIT:



      That's why we're here!

      DEADLINE is 7/10/06.

      AGAIN: There is no charge to be featured, though advertising
      is available. Contact Julie Ann: jacneed@...

      P.O. Box 88, Burlington, MA 01803
      Ph: 781.272.2066 or 978.772.2545 -
      Fx: 781.229.2676 or 978.772.2989

      NEED is a fully promotional entertainment industry
      publication, so we believe we should be fully promoting
      those who are effected by what we cover. Ergo - once a
      year, we dedicate an issue to getting cast - be it from
      the performer point of view, the trainer point of view,
      or the agent point of view. Along the line, each entity
      is fully involved with the casting process. Features
      in this issue are about the performers, the trainers and
      the agents. We also try to include articles about the
      entire process, how to get cast, what casting people
      look for, etc.

      I hope this is helpful to all you wonderful performers out

      Have a great one and, as always ...

      Much Success,

      Bob Fraser
      Bob is an actor, writer, director and producer. Listed on
      IMDb.com, TVTome.com and elsewhere, Bob's credits include
      100's of TV shows, stage productions and films. He is a
      member of SAG, AFTRA, Equity, Director's Guild, Writer's
      Guild, Producer's Guild and ATAS (r). His series writing
      and producing credits include The Love Boat, Benson, Full
      House, Harry & The Hendersons, Columbo, and many more.

      Be sure to subscribe to Bob's FREE actor's monthly e-zine
      Show Biz How-To -- by going here:

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