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  • Louisiana Sunshine
    ATTENTION WOMEN INVOLVED IN FILM INDUSTRY: https://www.facebook.com/WIFTlouisiana The film and television industry is
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 25, 2013
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      "The film and television industry is booming in Louisiana. As women
      within this industry, we are honing our craft, developing our artistry,
      and tackling professional and creative challenges. Collectively we have
      created hundreds of films, television shows, and new media. Our work is
      challenging and diverse. We are Producers. Art Directors. Independent
      Filmmakers. Set Dressers. Production Assistants. Editors. Location
      Scouts. Executives. Gaffers. Production Coordinators. Actors. Shooters.
      Script Supervisors. Costume Designers. Mentors. Audio Mixers. Lawyers.
      Students. Stuntwomen. Writers. We are collaborators. We are all unique.
      This is an opportunity to share our stories.

      Women in Film & Television Louisiana is delighted to announce that we
      will be mounting an exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Center in July
      2013, titled A Woman's Work, which celebrates in moving pictures the
      work of women in film, television and digital media in Louisiana.

      A Woman's Work, co-curated by WIFT Louisiana and the CAC, will include
      the exhibition of moving image work - films, videos and new media - made
      by women in Louisiana. WIFT Louisiana is currently accepting submissions
      of short or long-form projects for consideration as part of this
      exhibition. The work can be from any time period and we encourage the
      submission of works in progress. The exhibition is meant to show the
      process of work in this industry and the films submitted need not be
      finished. We welcome works in progress and documentation of a
      day-in-a-life, "making-of," and behind-the-scenes of films in production
      as well as completed work.

      All work will be reviewed and selected by the curatorial committee. The
      final deadline to receive submissions is Thursday, May 16, 2013. The
      deadline is tight so please submit ASAP. Submissions must have been
      produced in the state of Louisiana. There is no restriction as to when
      production occurred. It is not necessary to be a WIFT Louisiana member
      to participate, but we encourage all eligible women to join by emailing
      wiftlouisiana@... <mailto:wiftlouisiana@...> for more

      Please send a link to your submission to wiftlouisiana@...
      <mailto:wiftlouisiana@...> with the word SUBMISSION in the
      subject line.


      A DVD of your submission to 828 Royal Street #269, New Orleans, LA

      If selected, you will need to provide a high-resolution .mov file of the

      For each submission please also include the following information with
      your submission:

      Credit on production:
      Contact Email/Phone:
      Synopsis (three sentences max):
      Original Format:

      We look forward to the participation of many women! Please forward to
      interested women.

      Women in Film & Television Louisiana, Inc.
      828 Royal Street, #269
      New Orleans, LA 70116
      wiftlouisiana@... <mailto:wiftlouisiana@...>

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