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Actors, Writers, Filmmakers, Comedians & Content Creators Over 50% OFF!

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    #1 LAST CALL: WORLDWIDE Industry Deal for Actors! Pay $2 for Sy Richardson s Downloadable eBooklet 60+QUESTIONS: A Busy Actor s Guide for Building
    Message 1 of 1 , Apr 20, 2013
      #1 LAST CALL: WORLDWIDE Industry Deal for Actors!
      Pay $2 for Sy Richardson's Downloadable eBooklet "60+QUESTIONS: A Busy Actor's Guide for Building Characters". http://industrydeal.com/deal/feed-my-sheep-4
      The actor's job is to bring totally believable human behavior to what ever project you are expressing at the moment. That's why you definitely want to get in on today's Industry Deal...
      What You Get:
      For just $2 you get Sy Richardson's downloadable eBooklet "60+QUESTIONS: A Busy Actor's Guide for Building Characters". With over 80 Film and TV credits, Sy Richardson knows how to get to the heart of a character by truly understanding what makes them tick. Through the use of these 60+ questions in the eBooklet, you will be able to fully develop your character like you've never done before. Normally this eBooklet sells for $5!
      Berthing a character is demanding. Many actors are not prepared, or committed to spending the time, energy and mind-expanding research that is essential to really consume the spirit of the role.
      These 60+ questions pertaining to developing a character will help you to know your character, probably better than the producer, director, and in many cases, the writer too.
      At 60% OFF this Industry Deal is a true character builder!
      #2 Digital Entertainment Content Creation, Distribution and Monetization Get 51% off your tickets to Attend "The Future of Disruptive Digital Entertainment" a LIVE Q&A Panel + Networking Mixer w/Digital LA & Heineken. http://industrydeal.com/deal/screencraft-3 This Industry Deal is an amazing opportunity to listen to, ask questions of and network with those who are the Industry leaders in Digital Entertainment.
      Courtney Lischke (New Business Development, YouTube), Sarah Penna (Co-Founder & Head of Talent Management, Big Frame), Will Keenan (Partnerships Executive, Maker Studios), Marc Hustvedt (Head of Entertainment, Chill.com), Christiano Covino (President and CEO, Mischievious Studios) and Brendan Gahan (VP of Brand Strategy, Fullscreen) - Moderated by Gabriel Del Rio (Independent PR Agent, GdR PRoductions). This event will take place on Thursday, May 2nd (7:30PM-9:30PM) in Los Angeles, CA.
      ► Stay After The Panel...
      Stay after the Q&A panel for the Networking Event presented by Digital LA and complementary brews provided by Heineken. Meet talented content creators and Digital Entertainment business mavericks.
      ► Topics To Be Discussed Will Include:
      ✔ Changing Content Distribution Platforms
      ✔ Evolution of Content Monetization
      ✔ Microtransactions
      ✔ Advertising
      ✔ Developing a Loyal Audience
      ✔ International Audiences
      ✔ Crowdfunding
      ✔ Branded Entertainment
      ✔ Viral video strategies
      ✔ Content Production
      ✔ Mobile Entertainment Consumption
      ✔ Targeted and Social Media Marketing
      ✔ The New Role of Talent Agencies in the Digital Entertainment Space.

      Everyone is encouraged to hang around for networking and bring as many business cards as possible!
      #3 Learn Powerful Joke Writing Techniques w/ Tonight Show Writer and Comedian, Jerry Corley. Get 69% OFF the 2-Day Weekend Comedy-Writing Workshop. Write SOLID Comedy. http://industrydeal.com/deal/the-stand-up-comedy-clinic-12

      You will learn powerful joke writing tools that will have you writing jokes in your first hour at the workshop. You will learn (and immediately apply) the same powerful techniques Jerry used to write 80-120 jokes a day!

      ► At This 2-Day Workshop You Will Also Learn:
      ✔ 5 Sure-fire ways to beat writer's block.
      ✔ How to write jokes everyday about anything.
      ✔ The powerful 4 formulas talent coordinators look for when booking TV.
      ✔ Why all comedy uses a formula.
      ✔ What triggers human laughter and how to pull that trigger.
      ✔ The 6 crucial elements necessary for a joke to be funny.
      ✔ How to craft your jokes into a smooth "conversational" routine.
      ✔ How to overcome stage fright and always be funny.
      ✔ How to actually make money in the Comedy Industry.

      All this in a weekend? You bet! This isn't a teaser workshop. It's the real-deal.
      At 69% OFF this Industry Deal is hysterically good!
      #4 NYC Actors: Learn Directly From Coach to Oscar, Emmy and Tony Award-Winners Get 56% off when you sign up to Attend 1-Month of On-Camera Acting for Film and TV w/John Pallotta. http://industrydeal.com/deal/john-pallotta-studio-4
      ❤ "I would recommend John Pallotta's class to anyone... The classes he teaches give me what I need to get out there in the acting world. My experiences in his classes have given me the enormous courage to just go forward, and his words and thoughts are invaluable."
      - Connie Sulliere
      ► What You Get:
      If you are an Actor in the NYC area who wants an ON-CAMERA, NO-NONSENSE ACTING process that is geared specifically for working in FILM & TV then this Deal is yours to grab...John's objective is to raise and empower your ability to act at a professional level, taking you from where you are presently – to where you're desiring to go. With this class he eliminates the 'guesswork' of acting, leaving you with a complete working understanding or the craft.
      John's studio incorporates THE PROCESS - a 'non-acting' performance technique taught by John Pallotta, who is the only Acting Coach endorsed by 5 Academy Award Winners and 7 Emmy Award Winners. No one even comes close.
      John Pallotta Studio's overall goal is to supply you with everything you need to grow personally as well as professionally, mastering the art form of acting while developing the skills necessary to keep you working in the Entertainment Industry – more specifically, FILM & TV.

      At 56% OFF, this Industry Deal is a whole lotta' of Palotta for less!

      #5 Attend Private PR Events In Los Angeles
      Get on Guest Lists to Attend Exclusive Fun Events Around Metro LA (Such as Red Carpets, Media Opportunities, Gifting Suites, etc.)! http://industrydeal.com/deal/bradshaw-co-3
      ❤ "Bradshaw & Co. really knows how to find a great time. Every event I've gone to is fun and amazing; they have a magical ability to know where to go and I can't wait to go to the next event!"
      - Jeanette Adler
      ❤ "As a Producer, Actress and Artist - I always look forward to my invites from Bradshaw & Co. to events all around the city. Great fun, great people, great networking... and I have never left an event thirsty."
      - Angela Gordon

      ► Why You Need This:
      Being in the Entertainment Industry means that it is your JOB to get out there, hobnob with the power players and BE SEEN at PRIVATE EVENTS!
      However, hiring a publicist to get on the guest list for such private events in Los Angeles can cost you upwards of $2,000 - $5,000 per month...
      We know, we know... that's expensive!
      That's why this Industry Deal is still one of the coolest Deals we have wrangled for you... so take advantage of it...

      ► What You Get:
      Through the power of Bradshaw and Co. (a Los Angeles-based boutique Marketing, Branding and PR Agency), you can join "Fun PR", a Business and Social events program. This program is for people that want to get out, network and get on the private guest lists to attend fun, exclusive and hot events around metro LA. This is targeted toward those in the Entertainment Industry who want access to classy, upscale affairs and meet like-minded professionals.
      ► YES!
      Previous clients are ALLOWED to take advantage of this Industry Deal!
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