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VELEKA Next Series of Classes Starting Next Week

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  • Louisiana Sunshine
    VELEKA Next Series of Classes Starting Next Week [QUOTE] Actors, register today for the most exciting program we ve offered yet. In the six-week semester
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      VELEKA Next Series of Classes Starting Next Week


      Actors, register today for the most exciting program we've offered yet. In the six-week semester starting the week of July 5, students will rehearse how to work on camera, from the establishing shot to the close-up, and culminate their training by performing in a showcase for a well-known working film director, playing in scenes from his scripts in development.

      Actors will work every week. In most classes they will be put on camera to assess their progress. They will rehearse scenes with other actors in class and arrive at the best representation of their "brand" for the showcase for the filmmaker.

      ~ VENUES ~

      * NEW! Slidell - Monday afternoons - 3 to 6 - starts July 5
      * Metairie - Monday evenings - 7 to 10 - starts July 5
      * Madisonville - Wednesday evenings - 7 to 10 - starts July 7
      * Baton Rouge - Thursday evenings - 7 to 10 - starts July 8

      Tuition: $275 for the semester (includes the showcase)

      Call 504-812-3379 or e-mail actorsalliance@...



      "Another awesome acting workshop yesterday!!"
      - Tara Duncil, casting director

      "Loved the class! Veleka is brilliant and you all need to sign up on the next one! It was an honor to have her speak at the THK Motion Picture/Music/CIP Benefit Bash this past Friday night at Fatty Arbuckles in Shreveport, LA"
      - Glen Grefe, filmmaker

      "Veleka is awesome!"
      - Russ Skains, filmmaker/actor

      "I thoroughly enjoyed the class. Veleka is great, isn't she?!!!"
      - Cheryl Ariaz Wicker, casting director/producer

      "Special thanks for being my teacher. I learned so much. Louisiana actors need training before they even step foot in front of their future. You lay out the building blocks for their foundation."
      - Christine Lyon Lorio, makeup artist/actress

      "RESULTS" I see results in my growth. I sure have come a long way."
      -Susie Labry

      "Veleka Gray would be the right acting coach for anyone who is serious about the craft. Her training is the closest we have to 'Actors' Studio,' and her name looks good on your resume."
      - Tony Fennelly, author/actress

      "I encourage taking classes as much as you possibly can from anyone and everyone because you always learn something from any individual that teaches you... BUT the only teacher in this area that I can personally vouch for is Veleka Gray. I've taken her classes, and I definitely think they are worth every penny."
      - Judd Lormand, agent/actor

      "You have a fantastic insight into developing actors and stretching them to achieve not just the skills of an actor, but also the inner strength to truly capture a character."
      ~ Dr. Mel Caudle, director/screenwriter/producer

      "Your students are doing GREAT!"
      ~ Anne Massey, casting director

      ~ TEACHER BIO ~

      Veleka Gray is a professional actress, educator, writer, director, and producer with credits in film, television, and Broadway. She has shared the stage or screen with such luminaries as Sigourney Weaver, Ted Danson, Jobeth Williams, Ron Harper, Madeline Kahn, Michael Cole, Bo Svenson, Jack Cassidy, Rue McClanahan, Elliot Gould, Jameson Parker, Chandler Harben, Fawne Harriman, Armand Assante, Gerald McRaney, Dana Delany, Scott McKay, Eileen Fulton, Larry Bryggman, Lisa Loring, Woody Brown, Andrea Evans, Terry Lester, and Margaret Colin among others.

      As an actress on afternoon television, Veleka set several records. She starred in nine different roles in six soap operas, seven of which were contract roles, more than any other actor in history. And she is the only actress in soap history to play two roles on the same show at the same time that were not related in any way. Her best-remembered parts include Lyla Montgomery on "As the World Turns" and the unusual dual role of Ruby Collins and Dr. Sharon Reaves on "The Young & The Restless."

      During the fifteen years she was on daytime, Veleka was also a judge for the National Emmy Awards and is a member of the Academy. For six years she penned a biweekly column for "Soap Opera Digest" and wrote feature articles on daytime celebrities for other fan magazines.

      Her mentors were Bobby Lewis (founder of the famed Actors Studio), Los Angeles coach Gene Bua, and Warren Robertson, a protege of Lee Strasberg. She began training actors in 1986 in New York and worked for such institutions as San Quentin prison in San Francisco and the College of Dupage in Illinois where she taught both credit and non-credit classes from 1992 to 1998. In 2000 she returned to Louisiana and founded her school, The Actors Alliance, to teach aspiring actors how to be stars.

      After a hiatus of nearly twenty years, Veleka returned to the screen in the title role in "Godmother," an entry in the 2009 48 Hour Film Project. She was next cast as Dr. Souza in "Flag of My Father," as Eleanor Cameron in "Flood Streets," as Crystal Mortensen in "Reunion," and as Nurse in "Television2."

      In January, 2009, Veleka added producing and directing to her curriculum vitae. Her first credit behind the camera was as executive producer of the award-winning short film "Halfway," which was shown at the New Orleans Film Festival in October. She directed the play "Breakfast," which debuted at The People Program in New Orleans in October, 2009, and she was the writer/director of her own student film "Reunion," also shot in October.

      Veleka has film projects in development for 2010 with colleagues in her professional organization, the Louisiana Filmmakers Meetup, and she will be executive producer for the 2010 48 Hour Film Project with the Spineless team that won Best of New Orleans last year and six other awards. She was inducted into the Louisiana Hall of Fame in 2004.

      Call 504-812-3379 or e-mail actorsalliance@...

      Students accepted must be teenagers or older.



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