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Re: Hydroponic Hops Experiement

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  • t2000kwt
    ... I skip most of these posts but I saw RO in the text before I moved on and it aroused my curiosity since I used it (and deionized RO water also) in one of
    Message 1 of 43 , May 1, 2008
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      --- In Grow-Hops@yahoogroups.com, "xian1g" <xian1g@...> wrote:
      >I have read several
      > times that it is much easier, you have less problems, and people who
      > use it, never go back to tap water...

      I skip most of these posts but I saw RO in the text before I moved on
      and it aroused my curiosity since I used it (and deionized RO water
      also) in one of my aquariums to achieve an acceptable lower pH than my
      city water naturally has.

      It gives you a known starting point. Some use it for beermaking and
      "build" their mineral profile by careful additions of different
      mineral salts.

      > I went
      > out and bought 15 gallons of RO water at the store for 12 bucks...
      > added my 1/2 strength nutrients...

      If you think you'll buy a lot more, consider an RO filter system for
      around $100. You can get them with a deionizer also for even better pH
      adjustment and lower TDS.

      > also - using powdered PH uppper and downer - may cuase false high
      > readings of PPM - add the powder to a dark container of water at
      > whatever concentration you like. then add the ph buffered water when
      > ever you need to. This will keep you from getting false high
      > readings.

      It can take several days to "fix" the water because of its buffering
      power. One type of hardness can be dealt with immediately, the other
      can take a long time to adjust. Your water's pH, kH, and gH all
      interact with one another . . .


      RO water avoids this, as you've seen. I have my own RO/DI unit in the
      basement with a sediment filter, two carbon block filters, the RO
      filter, and the optional DI filter. It cost just over $100, and I
      figured that it would be much cheaper to generate my own than buying
      RO water at the local aquarium shop. (Here it's a LOT more expensive
      than what you paid for it, I think somewhere around $4 per gallon.)
      It's also good for steam irons and car batteries, since it's
      near-distilled quality. I ran a line to the kitchen sink and added a
      small dispensing faucet and also an under-the-sink valve for the
      deionized water for aquariums.

      I've read that you don't want to drink the RO water as your main
      source of water since your body gets many of its minerals from water
      and it won't get those in any useful quantities from RO water. Bottled
      water is usually RO water with Epsom salts added (magnesium sulfate)
      at the very least for that reason. And there's a reason to not drink
      the DI water also but I don't remember why.

      If you get an RO filter, you'll want a TDS meter to measure dissolved
      solids as an indicator of when your RO membrane is in need of
    • xian1g
      I normally try to only post the updates with pictures on the grow-hops wiki in order to not flood everyone s email boxes. But since, I ve cut down to updating
      Message 43 of 43 , May 20, 2008
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        I normally try to only post the updates with pictures on the grow-hops wiki in order to not flood everyone's email boxes.  But since, I've cut down to updating once a week - and I want to get some second opinions on what nutrient defeciency I am experiencing I am posting a full update here. 

        My apologies to anyone that may cuase problems with.  As usual, i will up date this on the grow hops wiki later tonight, located here: 

        update can be located at www.grow-hops.com  It is located under the 'forums' folder, sub folder "hydroponics", post name "1rst hydroponic hops grow"


        I believe this link should take you directly there...



        just scroll down to the '18 may update' and everything underneath that is new info/pics.

        If you view the thread on the 'wiki' front page instead of the 'forums/hydroponics/1rst hydroponic hops' thread it does not contain pictures as I can't figure out how to post them in the wiki.


        I appreciate any advice or comments on what you see there.

        First the pics -

        I got my 6 stage RO filter in this past weekend and installed it.


        another shot of the RO filter.


        here's a picture of the root growth on the left rhizome.


        the roots on the right rhizome didn't grow much or at all compared to these roots.

        a full shot of the screen.


        you will notice a bit of greening up and some growth compared to last week where a lot of the leaves were more white/light green than dark green.

        under side view of both plants.


        a couple of pics of the left side fromt he top..




        the right side from the top.


        right side underneath.



        the leaves aren't so much of yellow as they are light green / white - this has me wondering if it might be an iron defeciency as opposed to a nitrogen defeciency.   As iron defeciencies tend to give the leaves a white hue.


        new leaves - full white/light green.


        this leave I think represents a sulfur or Mg defeciency. I think sulfur due to the chlorisis (yellowing/whiting) coming from the stem and moving towards the leaf tips as as well as the intervienal chlorisis.

        the twist this leaf has is more than likely due to 'nutrient burn' as I've read to much nutes will cause leaves to twist.


        another shot of a different leaf displaying those same qualities.

        here is a shot of the left rhizome. though it does display some defeciencies.. it has 'greened' up a lot and grown a good amount.



        overall the plants have definetly shown a great recovery from the the 11 may update - though they haven't fully recovered. 


        for a comparison from last week either go to the grow-hops wiki or ask and i'll shot the pics if that helps with any advice.

        and for those familiar with hydro data:  here's as follows...


        18 May update - day 44

        day/time PH EC PPM nute temp air temp/humidity

        12 may
        0500 6.65 / 1.65 / 830 / 20c 70f / 46%
        1800 6.79 / 1.70 / 851 / 22c 78f / 30%

        rezevoir change - no nutes added
        2000 7.49 / .28 / 143 / 19c 78f / 30%

        13 May
        0500 7.70 / .29 / 148 / 20c

        added 30ml gro - 20ml micro - 25ml flora
        0505 6.89 / .4 / 471 / 20c
        1800 7.52 / .4 / 442 / 22c

        added 1/2 Liter F-1 (fulvic acid)
        1805 5.62 / .96 / 484 / 22c

        14 May
        0500 5.71 / .97 / 486 / 21c 76f / 52%

        added 30ml F-1 fulvic acid
        0505 5.38 / / 489
        1500 5.68 / .98 / 494 / 23c 81f / 48%

        15 May
        0500 5.75 / 1.0 / 501 / 24c 77f / 58%
        1800 5.80 / 1.0 / 507 / 24c 82f / 48%

        added 1 gal tap water to pull ppm down
        1805 5.96 / .92 / 462 /

        added 40ml gro 20 micro 20 flora and 3 drops of superthrive
        2100 5.80 / 1.5 / 768 / 24c 78f / 52%

        16 May
        0500 5.87 / 1.5 / 751 / 22c
        1900 5.87 / 1.5 / 756 / 24c

        added 1 gal of tap water
        1905 5.96 / 1.3 / 681 / 23c

        17 May
        0800 5.95 / 1.4 / 703 / 24c
        1800 5.93 / / 711 / 26c 82f / 50%

        added 1 gal tap water

        18 May
        1500 5.87 / 1.33 / 666 / 22

        resevoir change using R/O water
        initial water readings
        6.87 / .04 / 2

        added 90ml gro 60 micro 30 flora - 60ml Fulvic acid - 60ml Hygrozyme and 10drops of superthrive
        1800 4.40 / 1.63 / 816 / 21c

        added ph up - and then a little ph down becuase I over shot.
        2000 6.11 / 1.75 / 877 / 22c

        well that's all the data for the past week.  - over all a lot of the leaves started greening back up - a lot of good new growth - roots growing very well on one plant - on the other not so well.

        I've been battling high temps in the air and in the resevoir this week. We've had a record High temps in the 90's out here in Washington this week. I've been dropping frozen 20oz bottles into the nute rez everyday before work to try and keep things under control.

        Adding the extra flora seemed to really help the plants green up - also by foliar feeding during the day I hurt some leaves. Over all the plants look like they are recovering well - but i do see some signs on some leaves from nutrient burn.

        we'll see how things go.  As soon as I'm 100% sure on what these defeciencies are i'll add them to the defeciency album to help out those more visually oriented like myself.


        thanks for the help,

        Christian Daniel

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