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Re: The Bears at WDW

Hey there ttgdmt, Nice to hear from someone here again. I agree that the edits were lame, though I've gotten used to them I still don't agree with it. At least
Apr 22, 2013

The Bears at WDW

Got an unexpected trip to WDW on Monday and dropped in on my favorites, the Bears. Was surprised to see Wendell and Big Al walk arounds out front of the
Apr 21, 2013

Country Bear Jamboree 2012 Cut Down Version Video

Well folks, Here's the video of the new, cut down version of the Country Bears. While I do like the fact that the AAs are in perfect working order now, I'm not
Oct 17, 2012

Re: Country Bear Jamboree Edited Down

... Abridged is still better than removed. Any rumors on the Christmas edition returning? What has their attendance been like in past years?
Allen Huffman
Oct 17, 2012

Country Bear Jamboree Edited Down

Hello folks, It's been a long time since we've had anything really good to report here, but this is a big one. As you may have heard the bears have been down
Oct 17, 2012

New vintage bear videos

... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XUvl4Vu0WiA Vintage CBJ video from 1986. It's worth noting the small programming differences between back then and when the
Jun 8, 2012

Another refurb on the way

The Country Bears will be getting yet another refurb coming in August. The show will be closed August 22nd and reopen October 18th. Here's hoping that they'll
Jun 8, 2012

Bring bacl the Christmas show

http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/cbcs/ pnly 1 signiture per person please
Jan 11, 2009

Re: Country Bears Back in Business

i'm surprised they didn't replace the speakers when they upgraded the playback system in '02 to Laserdisc ... From: jesmith2000
Danny Eyheralde Eyheralde
Nov 11, 2008

Country Bears Back in Business

Hey folks! As you may or may not know, the Country Bears reopened last week after its month-long refurb. I'm happy to say that the show is in much better
Nov 10, 2008

CBJ Refurb Under Way

Howdy folks. Well, the bears went down for refurb last week, and from what I hear its going along smoothly. They've taken out all the old speakers to replace
Oct 8, 2008

Re: Country Bears Refurb/

Wow, hey Via, long time no see! I know this place is kind of "bear"en since Ursus disappared, but its nice to hear from you again! How are things going for
Jul 23, 2008

Re: Country Bears getting month long refurb this October

Awesome news! In California, and haven't been to Walt Disney World in years, but always love to hear when something good is being done at either resort (as
Daniel Mart
Jul 23, 2008

Re: Country Bears getting month long refurb this October

This is great news!  Thanks!   ... From: via4us Subject: [Grizzly-Hall] Re: Country Bears getting month long refurb this October
Sue Bordelon
Jul 23, 2008
Jul 23, 2008
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