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Re: [GrizHFMinimill] Bracket for dial indicator Z drive.

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  • Jim E.
    You already have one and don t realize it... . See the picture in the photo section under Jim E. s Photos/Mods titled Z-Axis Dial Indicator Holder . Here s
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 18, 2004
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      You already have one and don't realize it... . See the picture in the
      photo section under "Jim E.'s Photos/Mods" titled 'Z-Axis Dial Indicator

      Here's what to do:

      Remove the 'travel limit block' (that's what it's called on the Griz..)
      from the spindle column (yes, you'll have to remove the spindle box, but
      never again). Cut off enough of the wedge opposite the side of the
      handle so that the block can be re-inserted onto the column from the
      front (don't put it back on yet).

      Now, drill/tap the side of the block for the hole size of the holder on
      the back of the indicator, at a location where the indicator will easliy
      fit, and attach your indicator. Put the block back on the column above
      the spindle box. Voila - you now have an indicator holder.

      By removing part of the wedge in the block, you can easily relocate the
      block from above the spindle box to below it without removing the box
      first. This allows the block to still be used for it's original intent
      without having to remove the spindle box.

      (please forgive the crappy-looking handle in the photo. Mine broke, so
      I used a piece of the handle from one of those floor dusters. Jammed
      the plastic in the handle joint unto the screw of the broken handle -
      works great. see my postscript...)

      Lakewood, CA
      All Hail Rube Goldberg!

      catfish7251 wrote:
      > I have a Homier mini mill and want to add a dial indicator to the
      > Z drive. Does anyone have any ideals on an attachment bracket?
      > Or know where I could find photos, diagrams , files ect.
      > Thanks catfish.
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