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Re: Hardinge Vertical/Horizontal Mill

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  • ben5002001@yahoo.com
    ... indicated ... support Bracket for ... those items ... way NOT to ... found ... and reset ... out of my ... someone has probably said this already, but
    Message 1 of 7 , Apr 15, 2001
      --- In GrizHFMinimill@y..., eabel78050@a... wrote:
      > Thank you for all the replies.
      > My checking in with the NJ Sobel Brothers machine Co. yesterday
      > that they do not have either the "Overarm" nor the
      support "Bracket" for
      > Hardinge UM horizontal milling machine. I am still looking for
      those items
      > as well as an operator's manual (Yesterday, I found out the hard
      way NOT to
      > loosen the pull screws holding up the idler pulley (I still haven't
      > small enough fingers to hold the pulleys in place while I position
      and reset
      > the screws; but I will!).
      > Again, thanks. I should be making a "Keystone Cops" blunder movie
      out of my
      > trials; you'd all love it!

      someone has probably said this already, but about the two speed three
      phase motor, only one winding is energized at any one time, using two
      interlocking motor starters cnnected to the two sets of motor
      leads.The setup would not allow the starters both to be energized at
      the same time. As long as a variable freqency (speed) inverter of the
      proper input and output voltage and phase is connected to the correct
      leads for one winding of the motor, it will work and of course with
      the inverter's variable speed you don't need the two speed function.
      However, if one of the motor windings should short out or open up,
      you might be able to use the other and still use the motor.
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