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Re: [GrizHFMinimill] Re: Reptile heaters to fight condensation

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  • SirJohnOfYork
    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sir_Joseph_Wilson_Swan http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thomas_Edison In any case, reading old books & articles about using a light
    Message 1 of 6 , Jul 6, 2013

       In any case, reading old books & articles about using a light bulb AS A HEAT SOURCE isn't going to work very well with the newer efficient lights which don't waste so much energy in the form of heat. In the U.S. there was even a kid's "Easy Bake" play oven that used a 100 watt bulb to bake little cakes and such. They won't work with the new LED or CFL or whatever cool light bulbs either. End of an era, along with old timer advice about covering the old lathe out in the barn with a blanket with a light bulb under there, to keep it at or above the temperature of the surrounding air, and so avoid condensation.

       Didn't mean to step on any international toes.

      On 7/6/2013 3:19 AM, Tony Smith wrote:

      Incandescent bulb suck.  Always did, always will.  Good riddance.  And you meant “goddbye Sir Joseph Wilson Swan



       The main advantage of the "reptile warmers" (and similar heaters) will probably become more apparent as more people around the world can no longer buy standard old incandescent light bulbs. Governments all around the world are regulating them out of existence. Goodbye, Thoma Edison.



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