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Re: spindle still tight - WARNING!

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  • nkefalas@alum.mit.edu
    A couple of good raps won t do any harm. Especially if you lower the head all the way down to reduce bending modes to the column. The head takes more abuse
    Message 1 of 3 , Oct 4, 2001
      A couple of good raps won't do any harm. Especially if you lower
      the head all the way down to reduce bending modes to the column.
      The head takes more abuse over time from getting hit with a mallet
      on the drawbar to separate it than this. Then again, I guess every
      person would have a different image of the words "hit hard".

      I would still go ahead and give a few good raps. If it doesn't pop
      out, don't force it ! Like I said earlier, send it back. I know its a
      pain to re-pack, your talking to a man that had to send his G4000 9x20
      back to Grizzly twice ! That was 300 lbs !

      --- In GrizHFMinimill@y..., Chris Wood <chrisw@s...> wrote:
      > WAIT!! Don't try to hammer the spindle out with the head on the
      mill. You
      > will just bust stuff up! It ain't that simple.
      > Now, giving the top of the spindle a couple of raps (using a 2x4) to
      > it up might be OK.
      > But I vote that this machine be replaced. There is no reason that he
      > be rebuilding a new machine.
      > BTW there are instructions for disassembling the spindle in the
      > 7x10minilathe group files section.
      > Chris Wood
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      > Subject: [GrizHFMinimill] Re: spindle still tight
      > OK
      > Well here we go.
      > You need to get the spindle loose. I would get a 2x4 and place it
      > over the spindle, (lower the headstock all the way down for this !)
      > and hit hard with the mallet. It may take several hits. If it is
      > stuck in there I would consider sending this mill back. If it comes
      > out, inspect the spindle for un-even marks. Make sure that the
      > bearings are "sitting" correctly in the headstock and are not
      > Then re-install the spindle and use the isntructions that I gave
      > before for re-tightening.
      > Let me know how you fare.
      > Good luck.
      > --- In GrizHFMinimill@y..., edbash@w... wrote:
      > > Thanks for all the help so far!!
      > > Well nick the problem is with the preload of the main bearings.
      > > I did do what you said ,actually took off the spanner nut ,no
      > change!!
      > > I did tap it very lightly with a plastic mallet ,the spindle
      > > move!!!!
      > > ED
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