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9079Re: 4" rotary table choice - need advice

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  • houe2005
    Mar 7, 2007
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      Just thought I'd update my post since I've had this rotary table for
      about a week now. I should mention that I have not seen the other 4"
      rotary tables in this class so my comments need to be read with this
      in mind. Having said that I do like this table and do recommend it.

      First of all this table is 4.33 inches (110mm) in diameter which if
      I'm not mistaken is a little bit more than the other 4" tables out
      there (I think most of them are 100mm). So the added surface area (21%
      more area than 100mm) is a plus.

      On the down side is the 3 T-slots instead of 4. This doesn't help when
      mounting stuff. This is really my only major complaint on the unit but
      I knew this when I ordered it. However, the T-slots are fairly large
      and you can fit 3/8" bolts through the slots. So I made a set of
      custom 3/8" T-nuts one afternoon.

      I clamped a work piece on the table and took some pretty good cuts
      with my roughing end mill and the table was rock solid and worked very
      well. Seems to be a very rigid table. The 3/8" bolts probably help the
      rigidity some.

      The overall quality seems to be quite good. The dials are large and
      smooth with a small exception in one section of the revolution where
      it gets every so slightly tighter. This may not be an issue at all
      since it may be adjustable. I haven't looked into this and may not
      since it really isn't bad at all, but I figured I'd mention it anyway
      for completeness.

      I'm a little surprised this table doesn't get more attention from the
      mini mill community. Maybe its because it doesn't seem to be as
      available as the other tables. I hope that changes because I do like
      this table and if more were available maybe I wouldn't have to make a
      mounting plate (my next project) and could just purchase one.


      --- In GrizHFMinimill@yahoogroups.com, "houe2005" <mboyko2000@...> wrote:
      > I did a search on this forum but didn't really find much information
      > on the vertex 4" HV4 (hv-4) rotary table. I've basically narrowed down
      > my choices to the HV-4 and the little machine shop 1927 RT. I see the
      > HV-4 is sold by a vendor on ebay (search for HV-4 rotary table). The
      > HV-4 looks like a nice little RT, but two things bother me about it.
      > 1) I have no user experience information on it and 2) I would rather
      > have four t-slots than three. Any information on the vertex would be
      > greatly appreciated. I've already decided against the grizzly h5940
      > since most people recommend the LMS 1927 over it.
      > Thanks.
      > Here are the links to pictures.
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