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  • trz200
    Nov 7, 2005
      Every member of this group who has purchased an economy set of 1-2-3
      blocks have probably asked themselves the question: "What were they
      thinking?". I attempted to enlarge the untapped holes to 3/8" by
      using a carbide boring bar. All that I accomplished was to break the
      tip off.
      You mentioned that turning down a piece of threaded rod is "not a
      very good solution". I think it's a great solution and I commend you
      for posting it! You should only have to turn it down to about 11/32".
      If you are concerned with stripping the threads an alternate solution
      is to make a stud with 3/8"-16 threads 1/2" long on one end, 5-16"-18
      1/2" long on the other end and 11/32" dia. in the middle. One end
      engages a t-nut in the table slot, and the other end engages a 5/16"-
      18 flange nut. You could make one 2" long for one block, 3" long for
      two blocks, or 4" long for mounting a lower block flat, and the upper
      block on its edge. This should improve the useability of these blocks

      --- In GrizHFMinimill@yahoogroups.com, "lecodtl" <nospam@b...> wrote:
      > I believe that my set of 123 blocks came from Lathemaster. I
      > them when I bought some other stuff to save shipping. I was very
      > frustrated to discover that the 3/8 bolts that fit the threaded
      > in the blocks won't pass through the unthreaded holes in the same
      > blocks. I expected I would be able to bolt them together to create
      > things similar to angle plates or other shapes to create fixtures.
      > But with smaller holes, this can't be done. I would definitely not
      > have purchased them if the vendor had disclosed that the bolts for
      > the threaded holes wouldn't clear the unthreaded holes. This is
      > defective merchandise, in my opinion.
      > I discovered that the blocks are so hard that I can't drill the
      > larger. Not only that, after drilling them during manufacturing,
      > they left large burrs in the holes in the blocks. The burrs are
      > hardened. I had to deburr them by driving a steel rod through each
      > passage to break out the hardened burrs.
      > To use these blocks, I finally cut some threaded rod, chucked it
      > the lathe, and turned off the tops of the threads so that the
      > threaded rod would clear the unthreaded holes. Now I'm concerned
      > about how hard I can tighten them without stripping the threads.
      > a very good solution, but a solution of sorts.
      > Is it normal for 123 blocks to come like this? I basically
      > that I had been stupid in assuming that the unthreaded holes were
      > when the product description only stated that the threaded holes
      > 3/8-16 and said nothing about the diameter of the unthreaded
      > Should I try to get the vendor to take these back as defective and
      > give me a set that have holes that will let the 3/8" bolts pass?
      > In other words, by definition of the use for 123 blocks, is a block
      > with 3/8-16 holes which can't be bolted to another one with
      > 3/8 bolts defective, so that a vendor selling such blocks is being
      > unethical not to mention that 3/8 bolts won't clear the unthreaded
      > holes?
      > Dean
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