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4287Cheap solution for locking spindle pin

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  • idmason60
    Sep 1, 2005
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      Hi Folks

      I was reading where several gear crash failures of the
      mill were caused by leaving spindle locking pin in spindle and
      starting up the mill. I know that several mods have posted that
      can be preformed on the mill but here is one for the pin that takes
      just a minute and cost practically nothing.

      This idea may have been posted on this or other sites I just haven't
      seen it.

      I used a drill bit depth stop with set screw and a spring that fits
      a little tight on the locking pin but would still spring out and not
      fall off.
      You push the pin in and lock spindle and when your hand is off
      the pin and it will pop back out and safely unlock spindle.

      (Please donate if you can for the hurricane folks)

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