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27538RE: [GrizHFMinimill] Coax Indicator for hole center

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  • arved_grass
    Jul 29, 2014
      Thanks Chris!

      That was stupid-easy. I had the same idea, but then thought that I'd need to straighten the spring loaded pointer. I tried in vain to straighten it out like a wiggler, but to no avail - and for no need! Now that I see what's going on, I feel really dumb.

      I have a part with several small holes supposedly drilled on center. Using this technique, I used this technique on one hole, zeroed my DRO, then started from scratch on the other. I came withing 0.0008" of each other on the center - probably within the accuracy of my iGaging scales.

      About the only thing I could add was that moving the spindle manually (by the drawbar) seemed to speed things up. i.e. I could align the rocker along the X-axis, and by alternating  the position by 180 degrees, easily split the difference to bring the indicator to the middle poiint. Rotate by 90 degrees and "rinse and repeat" to get the Y-axis. Then verify by running the mill at the lowest speed setting. This way, the toughest part is keeping the retaining rod against the column.

      Thanks again!

      Arved Grass
      Fleming Island, Florida
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