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27524Re: [GrizHFMinimill] Sieg X1 Mill Belt Drive Conversion?

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  • Hannu Venermo
    Jul 22, 2014
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      Its rdg tools.
      Good stuff, cheap.
      Similar to chronos, or arceurotrade, other good uk supplier(s).

      Quality varies depending on products  and pricing - from so so to very good.
      RDG is a quality act.
      They also sell on ebay with same name.
      (If something costs 40£ its obvious to me its lighter and not as good as 3x heavier 500€ product. Thus I dont directly compare the two).

      No affiliation.
      For better (also more industrial) stuff look up Chester UK.
      I bought my (12x) lathe from them.
      Excellent company, product, service and price.
      Many products are out of most hobby peoples prices.

      I am now changing my lathe to a ac bushless servo drive, with both timing belt and/or good 5-arc second planetary.
      This is a true C-axis, with milling and live tools capability, inlcluding 5-axis stuff (when used with Y axis).
      Most probably I will do both belt and harmonic drive.

      My Ac servo is 2.5 kW continuos.
      A servo setup is about 600€.

      Afaik, no direct setup exists -
      but just put a motor and drive of your choice and a timing belt setup on it ?
      Flat belts are less noisy- after 300 rpm or so timing belts make some noise.

      On 22/07/2014 19:41, John Lindo bechetboat@... [GrizHFMinimill] wrote:
      Thanks Gerry
      Can you home me into RPG web site.
      tried various searches but only come up with Games.
      Wondering if they have a belt drive for my Weiss,(Real bull I think) nothing wrong with the machine after 7 years,but
      always trying to quieten things down.My  Weiss is used almost everyday and I've never taken the top off the machine,other than grease the gears.she is a real beauty.


      -hanermo (cnc designs)
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