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27516Re: Sieg X2 Mini Mill - adjusting backlash on X and Y screws and nuts

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  • chucketn
    Jul 21, 2014
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      I know this is an older thead, but I sharched for info on X axis backlash and found it.

      I'm trying toadjust my X Axis backlash, and find that access to the 2 set screws to adjust the leadscrew nut are not accessable when the table is assembled. I took the table apart, took out the nut to inspect it.rews. I replaced the set screws with longer screws and set the table endcap back on the table to judge how far off things were. Seems the endcap is now 1/4" high. if I mark the location of the set screws, how of the end cap can I mill away before hurting the end cap?

      Shouldn't the bearing in the endcap separate so the endcap can be removed from the leadscrew?




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