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27305Re: Hello from the new guy

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  • kaje7777
    Apr 10, 2014
      You will definitely need collets, as well as a variety of other tooling. Check out littlemachineshop.com Learning Center for a good overview of mill tooling. Just to throw out a few ideas:
      - mill vise
      - collets
      - end mills
      - drill chuck
      - drills
      - digital caliper
      - machinists square
      - clamping kit
      - edge finder
      - parallels
      I would consider the above to be the basics. Of course there are many more accessories available, depending upon what you are doing. If you really get into machining, you will spend more on tooling than on the mill.

      For links to some good videos on basic milling operations see the link below; the MIT videos are a good overview even though they are based on larger milling machines.
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