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27294Re: Fw: [GrizHFMinimill] Re: anyone sells brass gibs or tapered gibs for X2?

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  • Hannu Venermo
    Apr 8, 2014
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      A slight, but important correction.
      Lapping is not actually sanding against a plate.

      Lapping is using an abrasive embedded in a soft material, to wear the
      hard material.

      Using SC sandpaper and water on a surface plate is not truly lapping,
      although it gets you a semi-flat, with raised edges and a banana shape
      that is somewhat smooth and flattish.
      And yes, I agree its better than stock.

      But it is not flat because of the raised edges, and the process is not
      truly lapping.

      I built a brass lap, and will use it to wear the hardened and ground
      spindle surface down, with abrasive diamond compund.
      I expect to remove about 2-3 microns from the surface, using lapping.
      (Current TIR is 2 microns, and size is 25.002 mm. I need to remove the
      0.002 mm, or 2 microns).

      On 08/04/2014 07:25, John Lindo wrote:
      > If you want brass gibs instead of steel. Then Arceurotrade sell them.
      > But you will still need to lap them in. Dave. U.K.

      -hanermo (cnc designs)
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