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27286Re: HF Mini Mill - Help - CT

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  • superc_53
    Apr 7, 2014
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      Hello Zild.
      Regretably at some point you will indeed have to tear the mill down because you write it still has shipping grease on it.  Sadly they put shipping grease on the inside parts also.  The grease collects sand, dirt and swarf which has an increasingly degrading effect on mill performance if it isn't all cleaned off.  For cleaning shipping grease off of mill parts, two products come to mind.  Kerosene (some don't like playing with kerosene) or simple WD40.  I put an inch or two into a big washing pan, then one at a time put mill parts in the pan and scrubbed them with a brush until they were clean, then dried them off.
      You didn't specify which Harbor Freight mini mill you have.  Sadly they have offered (and still do) many different types through the years.  I am going to go on the presumption yours is one of the ones made by Sieg and that it is an X2 or SX2 variant.  I therefore strongly suggest going to http://crevicereamer.com/Page_6.html reading it then go to his excellent  pages 7 and 9 to learn how to tear it down and clean the X2 mills.
      If the mills pictured on page 6 are not the kind you have, please let us know the markings or model number of what you have so we can be more helpful in sending guidance.
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