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27025RE: Collets vs End mill holders

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  • markkimball2000
    Jan 31, 2014
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      There are collet holders and collet holders.  The ER-series with the collet nut+R8/MT3 adapter, and straight R8/MT3.  The R8/MT3 collets can accommodate taller work pieces.

      Although I don't have any end mill holders, from the pictures I've seen it looks like the ER collets and end mill holders are fairly similar as far as maximum workpiece height is concerned, so I have not been inclined to get end mill holders.  To date, end mills with the notched shank haven't caused me any problems.  I have read that there is about a 30% reduction in holding power for ER vs. end mill holder for notched end mills.  If that's a concern maybe end mill holders are the way to go for you.

      I started out with an ER32 collet set, then bought a few R8 collets to accommodate some larger end mills I had.  That's when I discovered the difference.  But the max-height difference hasn't affected any jobs I've done so far.


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