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27024RE: Collets vs End mill holders

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  • dornpeterson
    Jan 31, 2014

      Advantage of the end mill holder:  

      If you use a collet and don't get it quite tight enough the cutting forces due to the helical cutting edge can gradually pull the end mill out of the collet.  That won't happen with an end mill holder.  I teach a short machine shop class for college physics majors at James Madison University in Virginia.  I recommend the end mill holders to the young ladies because they have a tendancy to not get the collets tight enough.

      Advantage of the collet:  

      1) Using the end mill holder reduces the nose to table distance (i.e. the maximum height of the piece you can work on) by about 2 inches (5 cm).

      2) You can make tool holding fixtures that all have the same holding diameter (sort of like I think Tormac uses).  Then you can switch from center drill to drill chuck to endmill without taking the collet out of the machine.


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