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26854Re: [GrizHFMinimill] My Grizzly S-X3 Mill SQUEALS!

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  • SirJohnOfYork
    Nov 17, 2013
      On 11/14/2013 8:05 PM, Cotter W. Sayre wrote:
      Hoping someone can help me out, because when I crank my Grizzly S-X3 Mill  downward, it gives off an ear splitting squeal.  The faster I crank, the louder the noise, and it occurs whether or not I am plunging into stock or not.  I have oiled everything that they tell you to oil, but no joy.  As extra info, the mill is only about four months old and is used only for aluminum.  Any ideas?

       Since I have an X2 not an X3, I took a look at the review of the original X3 over at Mini-Lathe.com:

       Examining the pictures there, it shows a Z-Axis (up & down) leadscrew inside the column, that is cranked by the z-axis handwheel on the front right of the machine. I see the leadscrew is supported by bearings top and bottom.

       Does the machine squeak/squeal going up/down even when the machine is not running? You can look at the pictures there and see how things look before you tear yours down to inspect things. There are z-axis leadscrew bearings and I suppose they could certainly squeal if there is something wrong there.

       Somebody with an X3 will have to speak up, but I *think* I read somewhere / sometime that the X3 already comes with those cool tapered roller bearings for the spindle, that a number of X2 owners have upgraded to from the factory stock ball bearings the X2's come with. This doesn't mean yours are good, just that if you have to replace them they should be a direct replacement, not a conversion with modifying spacers and whatnot to make things work. (The upgrade from ball bearings to tapered roller bearings is also common on the 7x mini-lathe spindles - people who have done this all seem very satisfied with some very real improvement.)

       Hopefully you can study the review photos inked to above, and then be better prepared to take yours apart enough to track down the problem and kill it. Z-axis leadscrew bearings, spindle bearings, and the gib strip. Oh, and all the handwheels have ball bearings too in case the z-axis handwheel itself is out of whack somehow, so follow and inspect the entire z-axis drive train, so to speak. Can't think of anything else that could get noisy ONLY when the head is moving down... (What could be fun is if you are forgetting to unlock the gib strip lock-lever before moving the head up or down, making all that z-axis hardware work extra hard and complain about it. I kind of doubt something that easy is happening though. :-)

       Good Luck!
       John Z.

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