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26822RE: RE: How would I machine a flat-bottomed hole with a boring head?

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  • markkimball2000
    Oct 24, 2013


      Yes it seems a bit surprinsing.    The pain of using a boring bar for making a flat-bottomed hole did come through, though.  Wow, just think about stepping a boring bar across the bottom using the head's micrometer adjustment.  I'd go for a counterbore scheme before trying that.

      Owning a lathe & being able to easily move a boring bar across the bottom of the hole  just seems so simple in comparison to using a miller.  Right tool for the job....

      BTW I haven't had my boring head all THAT long!


      ---In GrizHFMinimill@yahoogroups.com, <grizhfminimill@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Hi, Mark,

      I'm surprised that the "not often really needed" came up, because it seems to me it would be a common operation.  For example, it seems to me that any time that you were going to mount a bearing, you would want to bore such a hole with a very flat lip so the bearing was properly aligned.  But, with a bearing, you're only dealing with a lip, so you could probably use John's first suggestion.

      As John also pointed out, there is a special type of boring bar that can also face.  From what I understand, it costs some serious bucks...

      Thanks for researching it... the fact you've never used yours leaves me wondering if I need one.  I'll probably just wait until I have a need before buying...



      NJ, USA

      ---In grizhfminimill@yahoogroups.com, <mark.kimball2@...> wrote:

      Doing an internet search on the subject was interesting.  Most opinions ran something like "not easy to do",  "not often really needed", or "do it on a lathe".   RT's+endmill, and CNC also came up a lot.

      Being the owner of an un-used boring head (so far), this subject was of particular interest to me.  Thanks for bringing it up!


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