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26819RE: How would I machine a flat-bottomed hole with a boring head?

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  • CLevinski
    Oct 24, 2013
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      My concern was that the first solution would leave a 'stepped' flat surface.  Regarding the boring/facing head, I didn't even know such a thing existed until someone answered this post on another forum with the same suggestion.  I guess there is a perfect tool for each machining challenge!



      NJ, USA

      ---In grizhfminimill@yahoogroups.com, <bechetboat@...> wrote:

      When you have bored out to the diameter you require,use a boring tool with a flat 90 
      ground on the end,and then incrementally move out the tool to the same depth.
      Unless you have a DRO on the quill,you would want to use a some form of Z axis travel stop.
      I don't recommend you use the Z axis travel even with a DRO because you will need to 
      wind down the head against a resistance of the gib locks.You could end up with a backlash 
      problem,and if you are unlucky the head could come crashing down onto the ledge you are machining.
      Not popular in the US,but the Weiss mill has a DRO measuring the quill movement and a graduated dial that measures the Z axis travel.
      see link showing the DRO next to the fine feed knob.
      Also see boring head with facing facility.it's on my Xmas list.
      I used a Wohlaupter from Germany 25 years ago,when I was Jig Boring, just brilliant.
      Ideal for internal circlip grooves as well.
      see other link
      These tools from Arc are manufactured in China,but the price is 60%  less than
      the German made models,and ideal for the hobbyist.Again Quality versus your wife's purse.


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