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26809RE: RE: Grizzly Rotary Table gear lash

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  • cds4byu
    Oct 21 8:05 AM

      Let's try again.  The link is:




      ---In GrizHFMinimill@yahoogroups.com, <grizhfminimill@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Thanks John and Carl.

           I don't see any adjustment possibilities from the bottom bearing retaining set up on mine but that would certainly be helpful if it did. Thanks, John.


      Carl, the link you mentioned does not appear in your very helpful reply. I get where the solution may lie. Is there anyway you could email me the link? It sounds like just what I was hoping for: coffelt2@...

      Meanwhile, I'll bumble around on YouTube and maybe find a lead. Thanks, Carl 

      ---In grizhfminimill@yahoogroups.com, <carl_sorensen@...> wrote:

       Here's a link that shows how the lash adjust works.  In this case, the clearance holes on the plate that holds the shaft were too small to allow the adjustment, so he went to just 3.  You could certainly increase the hole diameter if needed.

      The lash adjustment procedure is to loosen the four shaft-holding screws, then tighten up the set screw (moving the worm in closer to the worm gear) and then tighten the shaft holding screws.  You can see the lash-adjustment set screw on the pictures on the Grizzly web site.

      Hope this helps,


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      Novice  miller here, today finished milling circular cut out of 1/4 inch thick aluminum plate. Had chatter problems while turning the table, either climb or conventional style.

      The table has a degree or so of play or slack in rotation unless the friction is locked down tight. (can't advance then, of course)


      My table is a Grizzly H5685, their least expensive. Got mine second hand, but doesn't look like it was ever been out of the very nice box


      Catalog description tells of a lash adjustment screw. I don't see any obvious screw. The lash I have appears to be in the worm drive itself. The worm shaft does not shift, I've snugged up the calibrated shaft dial (a sleeve on the worm shaft) until it begins to bind a little, but the table still has that little bit of very annoying play.


      Is this just normal operation for the least expensive of anything? Do they all have this problem to some degree?.

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